Buyer Project fosters good businesses for IndyCar and Feiplastic

02_Formula_IndyA nearly 10-year tradition of the Think Plastic Brazil, the Buyer Project introduces a new phase of business roundtables in 2013. The event is a Partnership with Apex-Brasil and one of the main ways to meet the demand of the foreign market and present the Brazilian products distinction. Last year, about U$$ 150,000 in revenues were generated through six Buyer Projects: “We participate in several BCs, which give us business opportunities that we would otherwise never have access to”, says Sérgio Scanavini, director of Cartonale.

This May, the companies in the sector will have two first-rate opportunities to seize. Brazilian entrepreneurs will be able to showcase to foreign buyers their distinct products during the Buyer Project in Feiplastic – with a focus on packaging and during the Buyer Project for IndyCar – with a focus on Housewares, both in São Paulo.


rodadasIndyPrior to the event, the team at Think Plastic Brazil makes a detailed survey with foreign companies where needs and demands are corroborated for each area, including colors, designs, processes etc. During the event, the buyer and seller are presented in dozens of business rounds ranging from 15-20 minutes, where they will have the opportunity to present their companies and products according to specific needs.

“We create relationships between companies as weeks before the event we raise the interest of several foreign companies invited for the Project, and we give them information, putting buyers and sellers within reach”, explains Gilberto Agrello, Market Development Specialist for Housewares and Rigid Packaging of the Program.

Cristina Sacramento, Market Development Specialist for Flexible Packaging says the benefit for Brazilian companies is the possibility to deepen relations with the outside world. “For Feiplastic (business rounds to be held on May 20), we already have confirmed Bimbo (Mexico), Super Foods (Colombia), Alicorp (Peru), Cafarcol (Colombia) and Pronaca (Ecuador). Two other U.S. distributors who buy raw materials for conversion packages are also confirmed”, she says.

In the rounds before the IndyCar Series, Brazilian companies got the chance to participate in roundtables with 16 buyers. This BP was organized in partnership with two other projects of Apex-Brasil: Glass Brasil (glass) and Metal Brasil (nonferrous metals). “It’s an interesting opportunity to connect with buyers that we, as exporters, cannot lose”, said the export supervisor of Jaguar Plastics, Ariane Xavier.

Fonte: Think Plastic Brazil