Splack and Sommaplast prospect and survey at CPHI Pharma Europe

Think Plastic Brazil

Splack and Sommaplast have joined forces to expand their national operations in the global pharmaceutical market. With 15 years of experience in exporting to the sector in several countries, Splack has gained space at the fair considered as the largest concentration of major global pharmaceutical companies, having shared with Sommaplast the opportunity to survey the market, paving the way for a greater influence in the segment.

“The fair covers our main market and our main objective with the first participation was networking, searching for new technologies and suppliers, monitoring our competition and especially contacting the largest laboratories worldwide”, explains Luciano Villano Almeida, the company’s representative. “We hit the market with our top-selling export product line: desiccant capsules and cannisters. The survey has proved that we have high quality, a competitive price and that we are ready to gain even more market in Europe,” he added.

Sommaplast has developed a new line of oral dosers with a great export potential, which meets the European needs. “At first, we sought a greater image gain at the event, but field survey has showed that we have good growth opportunities. We were able to check the latest packaging, trends and could see that our product is ready for the international market. The European market is one of the most demanding in terms of safety, which drives new releases to meet these stricter criteria, thus being a good market test,” said Marcos Francischelli de Andrade.