Environmental Education

*published on LinkedIn by Miguel Bahiense

Only the environmental education can lead to the transformation of our behavior and the correct environmental view on plastic. Many people attempt to make of plastic a villain. These efforts should be channeled to education processes, which are productive and rational. The problem exists and we don’t want to see plastic in the environment, we are part of the solution.

However, much of the news is sensationalist and makes society players start to “hate” plastic. But it is not the number 1 villain in the planet. Let’s talk seriously. Who asks why it is there? Who looks at himself and notices that he could have avoided its presence in streets and beaches, only by discarding it properly? Who considers that investment should be made in selective collection, recycling, redesign, or any other process to avoid losing plastic to the environment?

And what about investing energy to educate? Nobody thinks about it. Vilifying is easy, makes plastic accountable and hides our responsibility. The sensationalism of the speech does not contribute to the understanding, education and involvement of players in the solutions. It teaches us to “hate” plastic, takes out the clarity of our responsibility, gives us the right to judge plastic and takes from us the duty to review our attitudes.