Home Appliance Companies celebrate the 53rd Purchaser Project’s results

During the two-day event INP and Apex-Brasil, through Think Plastic Brazil, held 209 meetings with international purchasers and 45 companies taking part in the Program, with U$$ 915 thousand in closed business deals, and U$$ 3.9 more are expected in the next 12 months.

That initiative provides business opportunities and partnerships to companies associated to the Program, and that’s why Plasvale has taken part in those actions for many years. Contact with a purchaser enables participants to directly present their products, their export potential, and actually close business deals,” said Ariane Xavier, a Plasvale representative.

“Purchasers are very well selected and from highly interesting markets for us in Brazil. That increases a lot the possibilities of closing business deals during the actions,” claimed Maria Helena, from Plasnew.

Check the testimonies from participating businessmen:



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