Think Plastic Brazil presents a material with a record on the results of its 15-year Program

In 2018 Think Plastic Brazil celebrated its 15th anniversary, always with the main objective of internationalizing Brazilian processed plastic producing companies. To mark that celebration and confirm the success of its activities, the Program is preparing a special material containing a full record on the results achieved during that period.

The booklet ascertains the efficiency of the actions promoted through clear figures: today more than 140 beneficiary companies are supported at the national level, we count on 2 sponsors and 27 potential partners linked to the processed plastics sector’s production chain. Since Think Plastic Brazil was launched, more than 390 projects have been implemented, including participation in 89 International Fairs, the organization of 52 Purchaser Projects and 14 Seller Projects, 6 Prospective Missions and more than 150 courses. Those actions, designed by the partnership between INP and Apex-Brasil, have highlighted the sector companies’ operations all over the world.

For participating companies, the Think Plastic Brazil Program is considered one of the main channels to access international markets, according to a survey undertaken in March 2019, focused on strategic planning for the next five years. “Industries certainly have the potential to promote their products and conquer the international market, but doing it alone is indeed much more complex. And so counting on Apex-Brasil’s and INP’S support, through Think Plastic Brazil, means opening new horizons, especially due to the large experience of involved professionals,” explained Miguel Bahiense, INP’S Superintendent Director and the Program’s manager. “Our expertise and knowledge enable us to maximize companies’ performance in the international market. In the last 15 years we have achieved a remarkable performance and we’ve been recognized for the excellent work we’ve been doing, not only in our relationship with Apex-Brasil, but also with our member companies. Now we have entered a new phase when we’ll strive to grow even further, since we have already fully occupied the space our partnership with Apex-Brasil has enabled us to, and now we will endeavor to extend our promotional work,” he complemented.

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