Get To Know Our Activities

BP – Buyer Project

The Project is carried out through business rounds between selected foreign buyers and Brazilian suppliers. It aims at encouraging companies to enter the foreign market, thus leveraging investments and the export of plastics by Brazilian companies. It happens in Brazil.

VP – Vendor Project

Business meeting promoted abroad, in particular target market, between Brazilian industry and potential importers selected.

TF – Trade Fair

In traditional International Fairs, Think Plastic Brazil promotes your members with the aim of providing the contact between exhibitors and buyers, opinion makers and specialized public from different regions. Exhibitions, product launches and visual communication are some of the initiatives that the Program performs for Brazilian businessman to have the opportunity to show their products to a qualified audience.

IP – Image Project

Foreign journalists, as well as other opinion makers, are invited and welcomed by Think Plastic Brazil for a true immersion in the Brazilian plastic chain. They visit companies, trade shows, retails and are constantly supplied with qualified information.