Sustainability, Quality and Diversity of Brazilian companies are differentials at Envase 2019


Think Plastic Brazil took over 20 companies to Envase 2019, from September 10 thru 13 in Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires (Argentina). The companies were concentrated in the stand coordinated by the Program, stand 559, pavilion 5. They were: Antilhas; Cartonale; Copobras; C-Pack; Cromex; Destak; Embaquim; Ffs Filmes; Fibrasa; Gdm; Geraldiscos – Tri-Seal; Gerresheimer; Jaguar Plásticos; Lord Brasil; Mega Embalagens; Neoform; Parnaplast; Plaszom; Sommaplast; Soroplast; Splack; Valfilm; Wyda e Zaraplast. Check below some of the products:


Stretch Hood, also known as plastic hood, is intended for palletizing, for safe transportation and loading of cargo. “The participation of Antilhas Flexíveis in the event aims to show innovations for the plastics sector. Despite being traditional, there is still much to explore in relation to technologies applied to raw materials. Currently, the challenge is to reduce the disposal in the environment. At the same time maintain the quality of packaging “, says Rodrigo Massini, manager of the company’s flexible unit.

The company, which offers paper, cardboard and plastic packaging focusing on the retail and industry segments, is certified by the FSSC 22000 seal, known for monitoring safety in food production and distribution. The certification is supported by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a nonprofit organization that contributes to the advancement of food safety and ensures consumer confidence in the industry. The seal also helps companies establish and improve food safety management control throughout the global supply chain.


Cartonale is specialized in corrugated plastic, also known as PP Corrugated, alveolar sheet or polionda. Obtained with polypropylene extrusion, corrugated plastic is a sheet with alveolar structure with endless applications and advantages compared to traditional materials due to its characteristics, like resistance, lightness, imperviousness, practicality, flexibility and versatility. Resistant to water, moisture, heat and shocks, the corrugated plastic does not allow formation of mould or other foreign bodies, which has driven its growing use in the packaging sector. Non-toxic and 100% recyclable, it is a material that does not harm the nature, being an alternative loyal to the principles of environmental preservation.


Copobras Group developed a super premium product with attributes that add value to their clients’ final products. The Incobox packaging presents a model of pouch box bag, a success launched in several markets worldwide. It is a solution that allows opening and closing of the packaging with easiness and that, therefore, extends the food shelf life generating economy to the animal owner.


C-Pack produces high quality plastic packaging, serving large national and international companies in the following segments: pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and industrial. It is a company that brings to its values the constant concern with social and ecological aspects, both in its structure and in activities and products. With a modern industrial park in Latin America to produce plastic extruded tubing and special plastic injection products. At C-Pack sustainability, innovation and design are always first.


The company highlights in this Envase edition its lines of products to the recycling market intended to improve the aspect and processability of resins after consumption, the oxo-biodegradable additive that speeds up polymers degradation, the colored heavy metal free masterbatches and its full line of blacks designed to meet the different needs and requirements of plastic transformers.


Embaquim is a packaging company that helps its clients to reach success by means of intelligent solutions and high quality products. The company’s portfolio includes from plastic coils and bags (liners) to 1,000 liter bags with different structures. The company is pioneer in Brazil in the production of bag-in-box and leader in the Brazilian market of bags for cardboard boxes and metallic containers.


Leader in pharmaceutical plastic packaging, Gerresheimer offers full solutions to the market. The company provides PET, PE and PP bottles, tamper-proof caps, child proof (CRC), drippers, aerosols / nebulizers, oral dispensers, vaginal and rectal applicator cups, in addition to a large variety of exclusive developments.


Its mix of products offers a wide variety of industrial buckets in thermoplastic materials, with airtight closing and excellent resistance to impact and stacking, according to ABNT norm NBR 14952. The buckets are tested in laboratory testing that guarantee quality and safety in the product packaging, and are personalized through serigraphy system, in labels for moulds and offset, which ensure photographic finish.

Mega Embalagens

Mega Embalagens counts on extruding machines, co-extruding machines, 10-color printers, rolling mills and also cutting, welding and refill machines all of them with large technological advance. With its plant located in southern Brazil, it provides packaging with different structures: polyethylene, PET laminates, metallic Pet and BOPP, technical polyolefin films, Kraft paper and raffia bags. Products with differentiated finishes with four welds, stand-up pouch zipper pouch, valves, wicketer, micro holes and easy open, everything to ensure quality and highlight at the points of sales, in addition to adding value to packaged products.


Located in the city of Lorena-SP, Vale do Paraíba, 180 km from São Paulo-SP, Valfilm operates with installed capacity of 1,800 tons of Shrink Film and 1,100 tons of Stretch Film, generating 150 indirect jobs. Its industrial park comprises cutting edge equipment that ensures high productivity with excellent final quality of products. Certified by NBR ISO 9001:2000, has as policy to ensure personalized treatment to clients, through a system that ensures the product compliance, good and agile service. Due to its excellent localization, Valfilm has excellent logistic, flowing its whole production in a fast and safe way across Brazil and to other MERCOSUR countries.


Zaraplast is specialist in flexible packaging solutions, providing a wide range of products to food, beverage, health, hygiene and cleaning, agribusiness, animal nutrition, civil construction materials, chemicals, petrochemicals and fertilizers markets.