INP and Apex-Brasil renew Think Plastic Brazil operation until 2021

Think Plastic Brazil

In 2016, Think Plastic Brazil underwent a restructuring that shaped its work in the last two-year period. Since then, one of the goals of the Program’s Strategic Committee was the unrelenting work to increase resources allocated by Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exportations and Investments), as its results in the last cycle, September 2017 to May 2019, indicated that the sector has strong elasticity and robustness to lever exportations and internationalization of industries of transformed plastic products for home appliances, civil construction, packaging and agribusiness.

With all these efforts and due to the increase in results the National Plastic Institute (INP) and Apex-Brasil could increase resources for the Program by 42% by Apex-Brasil and 45.71% by Think Plastic Brazil.

Representing 23.8% of the transformed plastic products sector, Think Plastic Brazil signs the renewal of another covenant between INP and Apex-Brasil, a partnership that will guarantee the continuation of the activities in the 2019/2021 biennium. The increase in contributions expected is the result of the dedication of the whole INP and Think Plastic Brazil team, Apex-Brasil technical staff (Maria Paula – Industry and Services Exportation Management, Paulo Silva – Complex I coordinator and Anderson Dib – Project Manager) and, particularly, the direct work of INP Deliberative President – José Ricardo Roriz Coelho, the Board President – Edison Terra Filho, the Superintendent and Project Manager – Miguel Bahiense, the Expert in Project Strategy and Planning – Carlos Moreira, the Program’s Strategic Committee (Eduardo Berkovitz, Francisco Salazar, Paulo Teixeira, Cláudia Arruda, Fábio Santos, Marco Cione, Renata Verne, Miguel Bahiense and Carlos Moreira) and the Agency’s president, the Rear Admiral of the Brazilian Navy, Mr. Sergio Ricardo Segovia Barbosa, without whom this agreement would not be possible.


The Program nationally supports over 130 beneficiary companies, with 2 sponsors and 43 potential partners associated to the transformed plastic products sector chain. In the last 15 years of operation, Think Plastic Brazil worked directly in 18 countries and will focus its next activities on markets in North America (Canada, United States and Mexico), Central America (Costa Rica and Cuba), South America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru), Europe (Spain), Africa (South Africa and Kenya) and Middle East (United Arab Emirates). The actions will be broken into 4 lines: Civil Construction, Agribusiness, Packaging and Home Appliances. Some of the chief expectations for the coming year is the 67% increase in the exhibition area for the Environment fair, to occur in February in Germany; as well as the diversification of markets with actions planned for South Africa, Kenya and United Arab Emirates; exclusive actions for Civil Construction and Agribusiness and the insertion of international fairs and missions outside the financial contribution offered by Apex-Brasil.

In the schedule (published in its full version here), two commercial missions to Africa (one in South Africa and the other in Kenya) are included. Other 5 missions with international insertion will occur in parallel to the main Home Appliances and Civil Construction fairs: Environment (Germany), The Inspired Home Show (Home & Housewares – USA) and Big 5 (United Arab Emirates). Decentralizing markets is an unprecedented and innovative decision that aims at expanding the actions of the four lines in the continent.

Another novelty expected is the Image Project (follow-up of international opinion makers in visits to the sector points of interest and events in Brazil) in two moments: one parallel to the 56th Project Buyer of Home Appliances and the other in the 58th Project Buyer of Packaging and Agribusiness.

In the whole, 15 international fairs, 4 buyer projects, 5 International Immersion Missions are planned which will count on Retail Tour (Guided tour to the main fairs and lecture cycles), 2 commercial missions in Africa, 1 Prospective Mission in Index Dubai International Fair, 1 Road Show in Mexico, 20 Qualifications, including lectures and courses, Exportation Qualification Program, advice in Market Intelligence, advice in Marketing and International Communications.

Three new actions for Home Appliances and Civil Construction will occur as compensation to the actions promoted in partnership with Apex-Brasil: participation in Expo-Ferretera International fair (Mexico, specialized in Civil Construction, planned for 2020); Index-United Arab Emirates – Dubai Mission 2020 for Home Appliances and Mexico Road Show in Mexico City, turned to Home Appliances and Civil Construction planned for 2021. Other two actions will occur for Packaging and Agribusiness: Westprintpack Africa, in Ivory Coast in 2020 (Packaging) and Mexico Show Room for Packaging and Agribusiness in 2021 in Mexico City. In these actions, Think Plastic Brazil will allocate intelligence and management and the companies interested will invest in the physical structure and services directly related to the events.


Think Plastic Brazil promotes internationally awareness about the plastic, presenting, in print materials, stands, releases and media information of interest on plastic sustainability. One of the studies used as base is the one conducted by TruCost, which calculated the environmental cost of the substitution of plastic for other materials as being 4 times higher than the cost of continuing using it. Some actions in favor of the sector sustainability:

Brazil is signatory of GPA – Global Plastic Alliance and assumed the following commitments:

  • Until 2040, 100% of plastic packaging will be reused, recycled or re-valued;
  • Until 2030, as intermediary goal, 50% of plastic packaging will be reused, recycle or re-valued;
  • Until 2020, all manufacturers of plastic resins associated to ABIQUIM shall adopt the good practices manual “Zero Loss of Pellets”, applied in Brazil by the Plastic Sector Forum – For a Clean Sea (

Actions of incentive to transformation (Papa Cartão and Tampinha/Canudinho Legal), promote collection and recycling, a strategy for environmental education of consumers.

Brazilians’ creativity promotes innovation, as the case of the surfboard made with pets, national invention globally patented.

R&D: Brazilian companies are constantly seeking investments in new biodegradable materials, expanding the offer of sustainable products.

Environmental education: Brazil increasingly promotes the dissemination of information on plastic by means of campaigns promoted by INP and its partners.

Axes, Vectors, Themes and Strategic Goals

Think Plastic Brazil Program’s Strategic Map comprises 4 perspectives (learning and growth, internal, client and shared with the transformed plastic products sector and Apex-Brasil), 2 vectors, 5 axes, 8 themes, and 16 strategic goals.