Positioning about Plastic Drinking Straws


By Miguel Bahiense

São Paulo mayor Bruno Covas sanctioned, on 06/25/19, bill that prohibits bars, restaurants, cafes, to distribute plastic drinking straws. Plastivida disagrees with the bill. We need environmental education rather than turning products into villains. With environmental education, we will learn to consciously consume products and correctly dispose them. That changes recycling reality in Brazil. Straws provide hygiene and meet the needs of many people. With environmental education we would promote the circular economy: end of waste, promotion of reuse, recycling, job and income generation. Society, collectors, recycling industry, public authorities and environment will gain when educational actions are promoted. Formerly we had 1 type of straw and high difficulty to deal with its consumption and correct disposal. The law imposes to us up to 8 types of straws and we will keep on without knowing how to deal with their consumption and disposal, because each one of them requires a different treatment. We learn nothing. We will keep on consuming many straws; more water is required to wash them, soap, without appropriate hygienization and disposing them incorrectly. We lost the opportunity to educate São Paulo inhabitants.