Sansuy: customer loyalty and adaptation of products expanded the market in the Middle East


Sansuy’s tanks for water storage fabricated in reinforced PVC laminate are present in Saudi Arabia since 1995, when the company opened the market by means of a distributor. 

The activity started modestly, many times selling less than one container, but it has already reached 35 thousand pieces a year and today it counts on a steady production of 10 to 15 thousand tanks a year.  In order to find a distributor, an intensive survey was made in the region, identifying the most requested technical characteristics and specificities for sales in the Arab market.   

“The proximity to the new buyer resulted in investment in product adaptations:  canvas, height, width, type of valve to fill and empty the tank. This availability combined with materials’ high quality led to their introduction in African Arabian countries like Sudan, where the distributor counts on 100 clients”, says Tony Brito, Sansuy’s business director. Now, the challenge is to expand the marked and the company visits the region periodically, always searching for information on market, competition and market trends to create competitive advantages and deliver value and quality.