ENCOMEX, São Caetano do Sul – Brasil


August 01, 2005

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In college, most courses are taught in “lectures” (CM) in front of all students in large lecture theaters. Practical exercises or in-depth exercises are conducted by directed work (TD) in groups of about thirty. But the presence of lectures, difficult enough to follow, is not controlled. It is tempting not to attend, especially as courses may be available online or on handouts, try to look at this now. So … “A lot of chess in the first year is due to ‘cafe syndrome’, says Xavier, when the students, fresh out of high school where every absence was criticized are found in the paradise of dryers”. What to do? Do not agree with any absence, at least during the first trimester, the time to discover the lessons, to check that one is at the level and to put in place his personal work. Even if the course content is online, start by going to the class, as it allows you to start memorizing, then complete with other materials (Read Masterfully Performing a Class ). Finally, take advantage of all the small group work time that your school offers: tutoring, support groups, meeting with your “referent teacher” … The university reform has put the package on this frame: it is absolutely necessary to use it!