Brazil gets prepared to The Inspired Home Show 2020

Think Plastic Brazil

The Inspired Home Show, new name for the renowned Home & Housewares, will be held in March 14 to 17, 2020 in Chicago, and Think Plastic Brazil is already beginning the organization of participations, particularly due to the relevance of the event. In 2019, we counted on 34 associated exhibiting companies, which sealed 621 contacts, generating U$D 1.29 million during the event with perspective of more U$D 5,57 million in the following 12 months. The USA are the second main destination for Brazilian plastic transformed products’ exportation, having received in 2018 almost 38 thousand tons of products, 13.6% of the total share, corresponding to U$D 157 million.

The event is also stage for one of the most successful actions by Think Plastic Brazil, the guided tours to points of sale known as Retail Tours. Follow on our social media the full coverage of the Brazilian participation in the event.


For the 2020 edition, Think Plastic Brazil could increase its booth size by almost 20%, and advanced its location in the fair, thus gaining more visibility, in addition to a more illuminated assembly.