In the year of Brazilian design in focus, Ambiente 2020 receives 17 national companies for Think Plastic Brazil

Think Plastic Brazil

From February 7-11, 2020, Think Plastic Brazil will accompany 17 Brazilian companies at the Ambiente 2020 fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Alumínio Oliveira; Bandeirante; Botafogo; Jaguar Plásticos; Lolly Baby; Crippa; Metaltru; MTA; Plasútil; Plasvale; Sanremo; São Bernardo; Simonaggio; Stolf; Termolar; Vasart and Vemplast will be together in the Brazilian stand.

Another 6 companies will participate of the event as researchers / visitors, as part of the International Business Immersion: Arthi, Koisas de Kozinha, Plásticos Rainha, PlastLeo, Martinazzo and Vouga Decor.

In the year that Brazilian design will be in focus at the event (with five renowned national studios featured in the “Focus on Design” project) the Brazilian booth exceeded expectations with modern design signed by Spray Events. A giant hanging sign with print on the outside and inside will mark the Brazil space, ensuring prominence among competitors of the fair. The institutional arts are signed by Junto Propaganda, coordinated by PontoText agency and coordinated by the Think Plastic Brazil team.

Visit us: Hall 12.1 B50