Brazilian plastic solutions for Agribusiness and Civil Construction to bring sustainable and technological opportunities to South Africa

Think Plastic Brazil

The Trade Mission in South Africa, focused on agribusiness and construction, is scheduled for October 2020 and is expected to put at least 10 companies in direct negotiation with buyers in the country. The executives who have expressed interest in the action have already been in contact with local consultants, organizing products, marketing strategies and coordinating launches suitable for the region. A specific market study has been delivered and will be available to Think Plastic Brazil members who express interest over the coming months.

Agrobusiness is responsible for 21% of the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP)*, driven in 2019 by the 5.54% GDP increase in the comparison between 2018 and 2019 related to agricultural inputs (which includes machinery, equipment and products that will be brought to South Africa). Despite the strength of the commodities that drive the Brazilian economy, industrialists in the country participating in the Trade Mission will also demonstrate that we are competitive in new releases and established products within the pillars of technology, sustainability, and efficiency.

In civil construction, we the year 2019 can be considered as a turning point for Brazil, since the sector, after five years in decline, achieved a growth rate of 1.6%, motivated especially by innovations and releases, many coming from investments in more sustainable and technological products.

The favorable scenario is ideal for global expansion, and the first target market to be addressed by Think Plastic Brazil for these product categories is South Africa. Companies that expressed interest in investing in the region include Bold, Cartonale, Electro Plastic , Itacorda, Krona, Negreira, Neoplastic, Pabovi, Plásticos, and Roma.

The following are some of the products that will be presented to the South African market:


Corrugated Plastic

Electro Plastic

Solo Flowerbed: Eco Mulching / Mulching /



greenhouse film: Extra Long Life Milky / Extra Long Life Transparent / Diffuser M12 Clean / Diffuser M18 Clean / Diffuser M30 Clean / Diffuser M36 Clean (with and without antivirus) / Diffuser Antivirus Clean (tomato eyelets) / Diffuser Antivirus Clean (grape eyelets )


Superlona Brand: Construction / Agricultural / Special


Supersilo Extra (tubular canvas); Supersilo brand; Brand Supertank



Eco-Friendly Ropes: Braided Rope, Hank-Braided Rope. Professional Line: Ratchet Tie Down; Ratchet Tie Down Single Part; Cargo Lashing Straps.



Weldable Pipes and Fittings for Buildings/Infrastructure; Threaded Pipes and Threaded Fittings; Sealing Tape; Pipes and Fitting Components; Accessories; Weldable Ball Valves.



Agricultural Films (mulching, greenhouse plastic, silage plastic).

Industrials – Civil Construction (black plastics, colorful and stretch films).



Eco Light Pallet



Hoses and accessories (industrial, construction, agriculture, home & garden, and general use lines).



Geosynthetics; Extruded Plastic Fencing; Monofilament Netting.