ECOPHANE film line, produced with RESIN from POST-CONSUMER recycled material, approved for contact with food

Think Plastic Brazil

Terphane confirmed that the new BOPET films of the Ecophane line are the only ones in the world that use PCR (post-consumer recycled PET) approved by ANVISA, FDE and the European Union, including direct contact with food. In the United States and Europe, the Ecophane line is already successfully marketed.

Launched in 2019, these films are in line with a growing global market demand for films that guarantee the production of recyclable packaging with recycled content. In Brazil, polyester is the only resin that, after being recycled, can be used in the production of new food packaging.

The Ecophane line is the result of extensive research and cutting-edge technology applied to its development. It was possible to create a PET film with at least 30% PCR in its composition. This technological expertise has resulted in more than 10 types of films from the Ecophane line, available for a broad range of applications.

In addition to ensuring less use of virgin raw materials, the new Ecophane line films are part of the Circular Economy concept: PET discarded in the form of packaging, bottles or other items is collected, recycled, and returned to packaging.

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