Plástico Virtual partners with Think Plastic Brazil for thematic projects*

Think Plastic Brazil

* Article published on the Plástico Virtual website

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Think Plastic Brazil was established in 2003 with the aim of contributing to the market and being a program to encourage the internationalization of Brazilian processed plastics, carried out by INP (National Plastic Institute) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) with support from ABIPLAST (Brazilian Plastic Industry Association) and ABIQUIM (Brazilian Chemical Industry Association). In 2020, the project started a strategic alliance with Plástico Virtual and Empresas do Bem.

During the period of social isolation, the work of new project actions is being coordinated by the Crisis Working Group of Think Plastic Brazil, managed by Carlos Moreira, head of the Strategies and Planning of the Projects of the Internationalization Program, to cover the moment and observe the post-COVID-19 trends and needs. “I believe that the team’s dedication through the Think Plastic Brazil Crisis WG (Crisis Management Working Group) has stood out a lot in this process,” he explained.

The partnership with Plástico Virtual aims to bring together topics and new projects carried out in conjunction, with collaborations in content, explained Moreira. “Think Plastic Brazil continues its activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, expanding its operations and guiding companies in the trends of the international market, and remaining more active is crucial to keep up with the economic and productive situation, providing a guide for companies.”

According to Moreira, the union of the market is essential for the continuity of the Brazilian processed plastics industry. “As the only sectorial project for export and internationalization in the verticals of household goods, civil construction, agribusiness, packaging, and toys (the latter in partnership with ABRINQ), we are very happy to share and be part of this important market action.”

Today, without the collaboration between the various market stakeholders, we would make overcoming the effects of the pandemic much more difficult. “The union is part of our strategy, and that is why we use the hashtag #ThinkPlasticTogether, which is also the name of our series of webinars that take place on Wednesdays from 3 pm to 4:30 pm,” said the official. Think Plastic Together is open to all companies and professionals in the sector, in an attempt to expand access to information while ensuring greater dissemination of key data and knowledge to overcoming the pandemic.

Think Plastic Brazil has several projects in the areas. The mapping of Social Contributions stands out, ensuring communication with the market and showing the importance of plastic. A pioneer in the implementation of PEIEX, Think Plastic Brazil has the goal of preparing companies for exports remotely, a post-COVID-19 trend.