VEMPLAST: From Home Utilities to Faceshield

Think Plastic Brazil

Industry adapts and starts production of high-quality Face Masks

What started with a project to assist healthcare professionals has become a new production path for VEMPLAST, a company that participates in Think Plastic Brazil.

With sales compromised by social distancing and its high-capacity factory idle, the company decided to get its hands dirty to help on the coronavirus front line: It adapted its equipment and donated, in the first months of production, over 10,000 retractable protection masks to hospitals and service stations.

The product was so well received that it began to be sought by other institutions: pharmacies, grocery stores, and even individuals, concerned with the short duration of cloth masks and seeking even more protection against the virus. It was then that masks with retractable visors in polypropylene and PVC acetate became top sellers in the company, within the VEM Health line.

“We do not rule out exports, but for now, the demand is entirely from the domestic market in the fight against the coronavirus. The idea is to ensure that Brazil and other countries are not at the mercy of a single producing country, as is the case today with China, offering a quality product with high protection capabilities, which can be cleaned and used several times,” explained Renata Oliveira, Administrative Director of VEMPLAST.

“We started the project taking into account the possibilities of assistance for hospitals and public agencies and saw that there is a major demand for products with high quality and which are capable of providing wide protection for health professionals and the population,” added Ricardo Oliveira, founding partner of the company.

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