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Think Plastic Brazil continues its work for the promotion of exports and internationalization of companies in the Brazilian processed plastics sector. During this period, we created the Crisis Management Working Group to fight the consequences of COVID-19.

One of the actions is the Trend Guides, exclusive for Think Plastic Brazil participants.

In this 4th edition: Mitigating Corporate Risks; Revisiting strategy in Covid-19 times; Surface Design – Plastic Tools

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Think Plastic Together: free webinars open to the entire market with duration appropriate to the virtual system, with important themes and renowned speakers.

Date Webinar Topics
April 1st International Communication 360 Gabriel Rajão, from Ponto Texto Comunicação, held a workshop presenting tools and strategies for maintaining integrated international communication
April 6th and 8th Turning Crisis into Opportunity – Your Industry on E-commerce Gustavo Erlichman, from Gus.Digital, presented the live in two parts and talked about how to make the first steps in e-commerce safely and efficiently.
April 13th Accounting for e-commerce The accountant Andre Jacob showed how to overcome those of digital business accounting for industry.
April 15th Crisis Management Haroldo Eiji Matsumoto presented the strategies to overcome in times of crisis, with special focus on the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
April 20th Megatrends that are accentuated by the implications of COVID-19 Fabiana Beregeno, a senior consultant at Euromonitor, offered the sector a perspective of responding to some of the impacts of the pandemic in the short and medium term.
April 27th Platform and ecosystem business modeling Fernando Teixeira da Silva trains participants in the fundamental concepts of a platform business, its strategic importance and its applicability to all sectors and segments.
May 6th (expected) E-commerce for B2B The consultant Paula Limena will present the challenges of E-commerce for the industry
May 13th (expected) Impacts on logistics and customs in times of COVID-19 Fernando Marques will present the current scenario of international logistics operations, to contribute with the companies’ business strategies.
Other planned topics Customs management, digital technologies, e-commerce, social media, design, comex, and many others Follow our schedule at www.thinkplasticbrazil.com



 Menards virtual rounds: use of technology to bring buyers and production industries closer together, ensuring the continuity of sales.

Packaging Virtual Rounds (BI): to meet international demands, scheduling meetings with Brazilian packaging producing companies.

COVID-19 – Industry and Market Approach: promoting contact between industries producing plastic solutions to combat the pandemic and players requesting such solutions.

Business Intelligence (BI): conducting and disseminating market research focused on each vertical.

Business Intelligence (BI): validation of international contacts of buyers, partners and supporters of the program and companies.



Image reinforcement:  More than 530 publications with product and service promotions from companies participating in Think Plastic Brazil’s digital media, focusing on target markets.



PEIEX: coordination of the Export Qualification Program’s work through remote assistance.

Image promotion: monitoring and building cases of supported companies (Astra, Bold, Copobrás, Jaguar Plásticos, Sommaplast, Termolar and others) that are helping the health system by promoting these activities.


Comex Consulting: support to companies at the moment of closing down barriers.

  • Interlocution with organizations such as: Secex, Decex, CNI, among others
  • Information on demand from international regulations
  • Information on customs regulations
  • Information on import aliquots
  • Information on trade agreements
  • Information on preferential systems
  • Guidance on export financing
  • Guidance and logistical support

Institutional Promotion: awareness and regimentation of new companies.

Strategic partnerships: Partnerships seeking cost reduction in products and services for companies supported on the fronts (e-commerce, accounting, monitoring of payment sources, tax and fiscal rights, registration of companies for BNDES, among others).

  • Partnership with the main companies of:
  • Customs Editions – discounts of up to 35% on all courses for associates, and may be even greater (consult us)
  • Export credit insurance;
  • International cargo insurance;
  • Freight forwarders;
  • Customs brokers;
  • International risk analysis (10% discount on reports)
  • International road cargo transportation (with discounts of up to 30%, for cargo up to 4,000 kgs and for FULL cargo under analysis).
  • Courier, with discounts of up to 90% on shipments of samples, documents and letters. (As an example, some companies save up to BRL 4,500.00 per month only with sending samples).
  • Among others



Business Intelligence (BI): promotion of trend research to associated companies, especially in the vertical of Domestic Utilities (UD), civil construction and inputs for the plastic industry.



23/03/2020 – Partnership with ABIMÓVEL: document sent to the Federal Government seeking the adoption of measures that can minimize the impact of the crisis caused by COVID-19 on companies of all sizes: micro, small, medium and large.

New calendar: realignment of the organizations of postponed and delayed events.

Alignment of actions: conducting research with participating companies to identify the main business bottlenecks during the pandemic, and aligning actions with those.

Institutional promotion: customized presentations for potential prospects to join the program.

Training among teams: ensuring continuity of action even in employee contingencies.

Personalized coaching: individualized performance with the supported companies.

Strategic realignment of projects: working with Apex-Brasil in order to strengthen exports and internationalization of the sector during and after the pandemic.

Image Promotion: Publication by the channel Universo Plástico (UP) with interviews with Carlos Moreira, responsible for the Project Strategy and Planning of Think Plastic Brazil. Link: https://youtu.be/90My8rAwueI

Image Promotion: Working in the market with publications about Think Plastic Brazil (some examples: https://portal.apexbrasil.com.br/?s=THINK+PLASTIC+BRAZIL)