2nd Think Plastic Together Cycle- Webinar 1 – Plastic industry, competitiveness and taxation

Think Plastic Brazil

Think Plastic Brazil inaugurates the second Think Plastic Together cycle with webinars exclusive to the Program participants, and new themes, specific to the sector. The first online lecture will occur on January 26, from 2pm to 4:30pm, with the theme ‘Plastic Industry, competitiveness and taxation’ 


João Luiz Zuñeda, chemical engineer with specialization in marketing at ESPM, petrochemistry and economics at UFRGS, founding partner of MaxiQuim Chemical Business & Intelligence, analyst with 15 thousand followers on LinkedIn ( @Joao Luiz Zuñeda ) and creator of  “Zuñeda. Olhar MaxiQuim” publication on WhatsApp (https://chatpay.com.br/g/553196304567-1585060853 )

Rogério Lara – TAG Brazil

Experience in tax, financial, compliance areas, corporate restructuring, tax reviews, tax credit surveys. Expert in indirect taxes (PIS, COFINS, IPI, ICMS and ISS), in companies from the most different market segments, national and international. 


Course objectives: Learn about the relevance of state tax incentives for the plastic industry in Brazil and what is about to occur with the increase in states’ public deficit. 

To whom it is addressed: Plastic Industry Sector – Businessmen and their internal and external collaborators. 

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