Get to know the companies participating in South Africa Trade Mission 2021

Think Plastic Brazil

BOLD– Plates with BOLD signature meet the strictest standards of the international market, aligning quality to resistance. 

The plates present excellent luminous transmittance, quality in laser cut and a differentiated layer that reinforces protection against scratches.  

Cartonale – Cartonale is a 100% Brazilian company, founded in 1973 as a company dedicated to the production of corrugated plastic from the beginning. It grew and became number 1 in Latin American market and a leading supplier of solutions to a large range of markets, like home appliances, stationery products and packaging.  

The whole Cartonale team is focused on quality, productivity and innovation as the most important guidelines to be followed in order to achieve the best solutions to customers. This is the company’s mission: to be acknowledged by the market as a “state-of-the-art” company that offers innovative and sustainable products. Pioneers in ISO-9001 certification (since 1999) and the only with UL certification, dedicated to products with flame retardant requirements. Fully recyclable products and the best option for use in reverse logistics systems that contribute to a more sustainable planet. Operating in a vertical direction, Cartonale can offer a complete service, from development and design to production according to the customers’ needs. The main markets include home appliances, automotive industry and print/advertising, not only in Brazil, but in Latin America and United States as well. The main products are rear panels, technical parts for laundries and automotive industries, plates, disposable boxes, reusable boxes, trays, pallet sleeves and layer pads, personalized according to customers’ needs and requirements. 


Condor Pincéis – Company specialized in manufacture of painting tools 

In its 90 years of history, Condor became one of the brands with higher presence in Brazilian households. Leader in the market of child toothbrushes, cleaning brushes, hairbrushes and combs, artistic brushes, and articles for furniture painting, Condor is steady in its position as major reference in the sector of utensils and accessories for personal and household care.
Founded by German immigrant Augusto Emílio Klimmek, in 1929, in the city of São Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina state’s countryside, it counts on products that are present in over 100 thousand points of sale across Brazil, in addition to exporting to over 30 countries.   


ElectroPlastic – Electro Plastic was founded in 1956, a time when petrochemical complexes did not exist in Brazil. It was the first company to develop its own technology to produce polyethylene and polypropylene films and bags using imported raw material. 

Over the years, Electro Plastic assumed the leadership in the segment of flexible plastic packaging, supplying the domestic and foreign markets with a broad line of products. Its products meet the strictest quality standards and count on significant production volumes in the plastic and packaging sector.  

KRONA – Krona was born in 1994 in Joinville (SC). It is among the largest industries of pipes and fittings in Brazil. It counts on a full line of pipes and fittings for sewage, hot and cold water, and a broad line of hydraulic accessories, with an electric line to close its portfolio with approximately one thousand items manufactured, compliant with ABNT requirements.   

Krona is also certified by PBQP-H program and invests in new products every year to expand its line, offering new solutions to residential, commercial and industrial projects.  It is completing 25 years, and is proud of its history built with people, dreams and achievements. It counts on over 1,500 collaborators operating in 3 units, two of them in Joinville (SC) and one in Marechal Deodoro (AL). With over 57 thousand customers served, Krona is present in over one million residences. 

Krona makes investments in production and process technology with innovation and seeks to develop new products, designed based on functionality, durability and design. Another focus is technical qualification for the market. Its logistics is reference in the national market due to its agility and completeness in charges, always seeking excellence to customers. 

In order to ensure its products’ high quality, it counts on its own laboratory that is constantly receiving new investments. A modern management and excellence in meeting customers’ needs ensure competitive quality and growth to collaborators with ethics, transparency and permanent pursuit of better results.

Negreira – Founded in 1993, Negreira is located in the Industrial Complex of Arujá – SP, in Alto Tietê region. Seeking development and solutions to serve differentiated market areas like civil construction, agriculture, livestock, industries, among others, it operates in the whole national territory and abroad as well. Negreira is a family business, 100% national, fully meeting the requirements of each segment, with last generation equipment to assure full quality to our products. 

Owner of the term “Agrofilmes” (agrifilms), Negreira is reference in the agriculture sector. The use of plasticulture brings countless benefits to the customer, like production increase, reduction in the need of other inputs, protection and higher quality products.  

Get to know the agricultural line and choose the best option for your business growth! The industrial plastics, on the other hand, are appropriate to the customer needs, are Taylor-made and personalized.  Products made with the best quality plastic for several uses. 

Neoplastic – Brazilian company, Neoplastic operates in Brazil and other 8 countries: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and USA. 

Neoplastic counts on last generation machinery in all stages of its production line, offering the best solutions and personalized service to customers. It offers solutions especially to agribusiness and civil construction: from geosynthetic products to agribusiness solutions conceived to improve cultivation and livestock farming processes’ efficiency, like mulching, canvas, films for greenhouses and bag silos.  

Pabovi – Company specialized in the production of hoses and accessories, serving several segments (industry, construction, agriculture, household and garden and general use lines). 

The noble raw material used by Pabovi in hoses and accessories avoids the early aging of products, assuring extension to their service life.  


Plásticos Novel – With the experience acquired in its over 40 years in the market, Plásticos Novel is today reference in plastic solutions associated to product transportation and logistics. With products destined to handling and storage of materials, we produce the most different types of bottle cases, boxes, pallets and containers to serve companies in the automotive, agri-food, pharmaceutical and beverage segments and industries in general.  


Plásticos Novel is committed to meet the customer’s requirements for handling of materials, with options that are more economic and user friendly than wood, metal and cardboard pallets. For this reason, we are extremely thrilled to present the Eco Light Pallet.  The Eco Light Pallet can be reused – for 5 years – without maintenance.  Though the initial cost of the plastic pallets is higher than that of wood, metal and cardboard pallets, they have significantly longer service life. Plastic pallets have also proven to be safer than others. There are no chips, nails or sharp edges to be considered.