Trade Mission 2021 – SOUTH AFRICA

Think Plastic Brazil

Think Plastic Brazil, program for exportation and internationalization of Brazilian processed plastics, created by INP (National Plastic Institute) in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments), promotes, from February 22 to March 05, the South Africa Trade Mission, promoted by Think Plastic Brazil, placing 9 companies in direct negotiation with the country’s buyers. The innovation, considering Covid-19, lies on the fully digital system, as already occurred in November Buyer Project. The focus of this mission is Agribusiness and Civil Construction verticals.  

Agribusiness Vertical

The transforming effect of the agricultural revolution in the last 40 years is certainly the most important fact in the recent Brazilian economic history and keeps on opening perspectives for the country’s future development. Agribusiness has been acknowledged as crucial to Brazilian economic growth. In 2019, the sum of goods and services generated in agribusiness reached R$ 1.55 trillion or 21.4% of Brazilian GDP. Among the segments, the agricultural industry holds the largest portion, corresponding to 68% of this amount (R$ 1.06 trillion), livestock corresponds to 32%, or R$ 494.8 billion.

The gross production value (GPV) of agriculture reached R$ 651.5 billion in 2019, with R$ 400.7 billion from agricultural production and R$ 250.8 billion from the livestock industry. The most recent estimates and projections indicate that the GPV in 2020 is expected to reach R$728.68 billion – R$ 457.08 billion in agriculture and R$ 271.6 in the livestock industry – 11.8% increase against that of 2019. 


Civil Construction Vertical

2019 was the turning year for civil construction in Brazil. After five falling years, it could grow 1.6%, particularly driven by novelties in the sector, among them the investments in more sustainable and technological products.