South Africa Trade Mission takes place this month, in virtual edition

Think Plastic Brazil

The South Africa Trade Mission is confirmed for February 22 to March 5, featuring 11 companies in direct negotiation with buyers from the country. The innovation, given the reduced mobility scenario, will be held in a completely digital system, as already carried out in the Buyer Project in November. The focus of this mission is the Agribusiness and Civil Construction verticals.

“The expectation of results for the event is very positive, as we have maintained since March 2020, when we started the activation of buyers, continuous contact and submission of information, facilitating decision making. The digital format expands the possibility of action, while decreasing operating costs, such as tickets, accommodation, and meals. Faced with the new scenario, Think Plastic Brazil has expanded its investments in order to allow more efficient results with the use of appropriate technologies, as companies are already better prepared for both the digital pitch and the international purchase. Last year, we held 359 virtual meetings with the participation of 70 different importers from 17 countries – an expressive figure that demonstrates the good acceptance of the online format. We are sure that the hybrid system, mixing digital and face-to-face formats, is here to stay, as it makes the actions much more assertive,” said Carlos Moreira, Head of Strategy and Project Planning at Think Plastic Brazil.

“Although we still believe that the face-to-face format of a Trade Mission is very powerful due to its ‘eye to eye’ aspect, in this moment of travel restrictions and social distancing, we all agree that the digital edition of the event is the best possible alternative and that it will ensure continuity of work and good results for companies. As benefits, I can highlight in particular decreased operating costs, expansion of the geographic reach in South Africa (with the possibility of serving buyers not only in Johannesburg, as originally planned) and the possibility of breaking barriers for companies, which now have yet another international trade promotion tool,” said Cristina Sacramento, Specialist in Market Development – Packaging and Agribusiness at Think Plastic Brazil.