Think Plastic Brazil launches stamps and avatars for companies and partners

Think Plastic Brazil

Think Plastic Brazil, the Brazilian Converted Plastics Export and Internationalization Program, is proud to present the institutional promotion materials created and approved by the Management Committee for the year 2021, which will assist in the journey of participating companies and partners towards the increasing recognition of our sector in international markets. At a time when digital media and social media gain more and more prominence in light of the distance needs brought by COVID-19, it is important to have a broad identification so that our companies remain strong and united for the benefit of the image

Therefore, our companies and professionals will be able to use three types of avatars and stamps:

Board Member – Exclusive for companies and entrepreneurs participating in the Think Plastic Brazil Management Committee

Member – Exclusive for companies and entrepreneurs participating in Think Plastic Brazil

Partner – For partner institutions of the Program.


The materials are divided by colors, according to the maturity level of the participating company:

Yellow – MATURE



In this division, each company will receive only the stamps and avatars of the color corresponding to its category. After the company’s evolution to the next level, the stamps and avatars will be updated.