Interview with Natalie Ardrizzo, Termolar’s new CEO

Think Plastic Brazil

Think Plastic Brazil talked to Natalie Ardrizzo, Termolar’s new CEO. She is an administrator and financial manager and will take over the business in the first quarter of 2021, focused on maintaining the market relevance of the company, which has been operating for more than six decades in the thermal solutions sector (vials, jugs, and thermal boxes). “It is with immense pride that I assume the command of Termolar in place of my sister Carolina, on whom I cultivate immense respect and admiration. Our journey shows how much women can support each other and, together, make it to the top,” Natalie celebrates.

1. What are the investment/growth plans and projects for the international market?

We work on the approximation of our commercial relationships, especially in countries that are the focus for our type of product, in a strategic way, aiming at share increments and business performance in the most different business plan models. The opening of new markets has helped us to further expand our client portfolio, as well as solidify our brand abroad more and more.

2. How will Termolar continue its partnership with Think Plastic Brazil?

We are part of the program’s Management Committee, and we try to contribute, whenever possible, with information that is aligned with the export expansion projections for our segment. This is mainly due to the participation in events promoted by the entity, such as fairs, business rounds, entrepreneurial missions, etc…

3. Which international markets will be prioritized?

Markets in the LATAM region and Middle East.

4. What will the investments in sustainability and design look like, especially for the international market?

Through market research, mapped trends, and adhering to our strategic focus, we seek to improve our mix of products and processes, making them increasingly appropriate to the global issues of environmental preservation, optimizing processes and resulting in functional products that our customers around the world like.