Fernando Teixeira Interview – How to Increase the commercial efficiency of your company

Think Plastic Brazil


Fernando Teixeira was the speaker at the second edition of Think Plastic Together – 2nd Cycle, with the theme “How to Increase the commercial efficiency of your company”. Exclusively to Think Plastic Brazil, he answers two quick questions on the subject: 

Think Plastic Brazil: How can the theme be applied to strengthen international business?

Fernando Teixeira: At the present time, markets are increasingly looking for local solutions. This means that having channels, distributors, and representatives who know the local market is increasingly crucial. But your channel network needs efficiency: that is why it is fundamental to build with your channel network a good training plan, and mainly, an incentive model that is 100% aligned with what is expected from the channel and your plan for the region. As well as a performance strategy based heavily on commercial intelligence data. 

Think Plastic Brazil: What is your advice for companies during this pandemic?

Fernando Teixeira: At this moment, customers want to consume everything they have always consumed, only in a more convenient and safe way. Therefore, the companies that are doing well during the pandemic have been those that have been able to build new delivery models for their customer that meet these two new requirements. I believe that there is a huge opportunity for the plastics industry to look at the online channel not only as e-commerce but also as a platform where it can orchestrate its entire value chain more efficiently and overcome this challenge imposed by the pandemic.