Lord launches EcoFilm line with post-consumer recycled resins

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 With sustainability as the most relevant pillar of its business, Lord has just launched the EcoFilm line of films and flexible plastic packaging, which will use post-consumer recycled resins (PCR). Among the resins used is that of an important market player, Dow, which recently launched in Brazil its first PCR resin, produced in partnership with Boomera LAR. 

 “Recycling plays an important role in the development of the circular economy, while providing significant impact reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” says Tamires Silvestre, Sustainability Manager for Dow Specialty Packaging & Plastics. “Lord has already been standing out in several sustainability initiatives and having them join us in this project reinforces the company’s commitment to the development of a circular economy,” adds Tamires. 

 “The new EcoFilm Lord line will have a content of post-consumer resins and will be identified on the packages manufactured by the company by means of a special seal, thus facilitating our consumers’ understanding of their sustainability and recyclability,” explains Herman Moura, Lord’s CEO. “The EcoFilm line can be strategically used in our portfolio for several segments we serve, such as secondary packaging for beverages, hygiene and disposables, printed films, among others,” adds Moura. 

 “It is worth mentioning that Lord was born 50 years ago, through the recycling of scraps, therefore sustainability is already present in our DNA, and the circular economy and recycling are a reality in our processes. By using the Dow PCR resin, we expand our commitment to extend the useful life of the plastic, saving water, energy, inputs, and contributing to a cleaner environment with reduced impacts”, concludes Moura. 

According to Dow, its PCR resin can be incorporated into different packaging applications and contributes to the value chain achieving the goals of incorporating 20% to 30% recycled material by 2025. 

Advantages offered by the EcoFilm Lord line with HDPE 96032 PCR resin: 

 – Final packaging performance similar to packaging made with virgin resins

– Supplied with recycled material that includes a high level of post-consumer resins 

– Maintains recyclability as an all-PE film

– Homogeneous and consistent solution for various types of films and flexible packaging 


To learn more about the EcoFilm Lord line access: lordbrasil.com  

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