SPILTAG develops plastic solution for bottling Covid-19 vaccines

Think Plastic Brazil

Spiltag announced the capacity to produce 100,000 vials/day made with the Spiltech Polymer, ideal for the bottling of Covid-19 vaccines. The technology, developed in Japan, and already recognized in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, allows a 60% faster production speed, due to the high purity of the polymer, which presents several benefits compared to glass.

“There is a significant reduction in operation and the plastic vial weighs less than half as much as the glass one. It is a less costly process as it uses 50% less water and energy, and occurs in a much more sustainable and less polluting system”, says Gustavo Spila, Spiltag’s CEO.

With some similar characteristics and others even more advantageous than glass, the Spiltech Polymer meets extremely high safety standards, with a level of resistance to breakage higher than conventional products, low risk of chemical interactions, low protein adsorption and resistant to low temperatures, a necessary condition for the storage of vaccines that use mRNA, such as Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. 

“The Spiltech Polymer withstands temperatures ranging from -194ºC to 136ºC. Our products help to overcome even drug-related challenges, such as delamination, which is a kind of peeling off of layers, very common in glass vials. The high level of impermeability, present in our technology, provides a safer solution as to the purity and effectiveness of the product. In addition, the vials will be delivered sterilized and pre-tested, one more way to ensure agility and high quality to the filling process”, Spila highlights. 

In the race for containers, vials with the Spiltech Polymer can be produced in 6 sizes: 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 50ml e 100ml. Our vials are the way to supply the vaccine market, not only to meet the current demand for COVID-19, but also necessary for all human health care,” says the CEO, who envisions contributing to solving the shortage of the product in the short term.