Think Plastic Brazil: Institutional Achievements

Think Plastic Brazil

By Carlos Moreira, Strategy & Project Planning Manager

Think Plastic Brazil is based on two vectors (promotional and structuring) and is organized into five strategic axes (service center; business development; market intelligence; innovation, design and sustainability; and commercial and image promotion), which have specific programs and projects that will be carried out to develop the companies’ internationalization strategies in the processed plastics sector.

To achieve the results presented above, Think Plastic Brazil served 749 companies and generated R$3,592,845 in benefits to member companies.

Both commercial promotion and image and service center promotion are serving a larger number of companies in order to support and generate online meetings to increase exposure, which have enabled an increase of 7.89% in the average exports of the supported companies and 258.33% of deals closed during the virtual meetings between January and April 2021 when compared to the same period of 2020.