Contact: Rogério Nicolau
Address: Arlindo Campana, 219
Bairro / Cidade / UF: – Cerquilho/ SP
ZIP Code: 18520-000
Phone: +55 (15) 3284-4330


Everything started in 1964, when Cipatex began its activities in the manufacturing of synthetic laminates, in its headquarters in the city of Cerquilho, SP. More than 20 years later, in 1987, it became a group of companies with more than 100,000 square meters of production area in the plastics, chemical and nonwoven sector. Technology and versatility which make a difference. Cipatex works with diverse segments of the national and international market: footwear, purses and accessories, domestic utilities, construction, furniture, dressing rooms, automotive, childcare, sports and leisure, gifts, scholastic and visual communications. Innovation is Cipatex Group’s registered trademark. It is modernizing and perfecting its work more and more each day through research and much dedication. This focus on excellence has made the company a point of professional reference, creating a strong and solid group in the market.




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