Contact: Gilmar Gonçalves
Address: Av. Fundibem, 184
Bairro / Cidade / UF: Bairro Cidade Micro Indústria – Diadema/ SP
ZIP Code: 09961-390
Phone: (11) 4066-9000


Supplier to important food and beverage manufacturers – such as the two leaders in the coffee industry, and companies which produce juices, sauces, soups, chewing gum, hard candy, lollypops, chocolate bars, raw coconut, sugar, sweeteners, snacks, cookies, cereals, dairy products, vegetable oil, condiments, packets for mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard– as well as other important markets such as personal care and cleaning products, the pharmaceutical industry, and pesticides – always in compliance with the quality standards established by ISO 9001-2000.