Contact: Sergio Mendes Ribeiro
Address: Travessa João Tavares, 245 – RS118 – KM11,4 Distrito Costa do Ipiranga
Bairro / Cidade / UF: – Gravataí/ RS
ZIP Code: 94197-090
Phone: (51) 3470-7700


Neoform Plásticos Ltda is a Brazilian company, and is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Porto Alegre, south of the country. We have been in the PET packaging market for 58 years in Brazil and Latin America, using state-of-the-art technology and a lot of creativity in the development of our products.

Our main objective is to provide quality to the final consumer, and for this reason we use 100% free of contamination material as basis.



Disposables · Food Containers · Home Decoration & Drapes · Household · Kitchenware · Packaging · PET Films · Plastic tray for restaurant and fast food · Utensílios Domésticos