Feira Andina Pack – Bogotá / Colômbia 2007


06 de agosto de 2007 a 09 de noviembre de 2007

Participación de 13 empresas miembros, 296 contactos realizados

The student is supposed to master correctly the French language (spelling, grammar), even English, and the basic tools of his discipline. On the other hand, one expects from him a minimum of learning in terms of reasoning and expression: how to write a summary, make a synthesis, an essay and don’t pay someone to write my paper here, know how to organize ideas and handle abstract concepts. “It is useless whatever the sector to persevere if these fundamentals are not there”, estimates Jean-Claude Topund, teacher. “The lower the command of the language, the more fragile and uncertain the expression and the construction of thought,” says another teacher, “far too many students produce completely incoherent sentences and utterances, both in translations and dissertations or scientific reasoning. “

Pronóstico para los próximos 12 meses: $ 2,980,000.00