3º Projeto Comprador, São Paulo – Brasil

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24 de octubre de 2005 a 28 de octubre de 2005

Participación de 50 empresas miembros, 400 contactos realizados

Negocios realizados durante el evento: US $ 15 millones

Pronóstico para los próximos 12 meses: $ 500,000

“I was not expecting that at all !” Too many students land in law school, psychology or science without really knowing what the lessons are. They vaguely like a subject in high school, and embark on a sector that is much more specialized or arid than they thought. Sammy, 25, had registered in law to become an international lawyer but was totally blocked by the rigor of the exercises, the civil code to learn by heart, overloaded schedules. Other students become demotivated because they have no professional project. When the difficulty is there, they find it more difficult to persevere in studies of which they do not see the outlets. The result? Disappointment. What to do? Anticipate from high school to build a project. In the final year, find out very precisely about the studied university studies taking advantage of the active orientation system . Explore the types of opportunities available. Check out the programs and read the article, if possible attend first-year classes and visit the college (which more and more schools are offering). Finally, in the first year of college, continue building your project. Half of the universities offer a ten-hour Teaching Unit (UE) called Student Professional Project (PPE). You are asked to investigate the professional sector that interests you.