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Brazil Scenario Review

January 11, 2019


Brazil Scenario Review

Gradual resumption of activity with a fiscal improvement perspective

  • We expect declining primary deficits of 1.7% of GDP in 2018, 1.3% in 2019 and 0.8% in 2020. This scenario is strictly dependent on the approval of a Welfare Reform that we hope will impact in terms similar to the version that was processed in Congress, in the last two years.
  • We projected a GDP growth of 2.5% in 2019 and 3.0% in 2020.
  • We maintained our projection of the exchange rate at 3.90 reais per dollar, at the end of 2019 and 2020.
  • We maintained inflation projections at 3.9% for this year and 4.0% for 2020.
  • We expect the Selic rate to remain stable throughout 2019, but the Copom should maintain its flexibility to react to any persistent deviations.

Source: Brazil Scenario Reproduction, Itaú BBA, January 11, 2019

Program defines target markets for the next biennium

After an extensive research conducted by Apex-Brasil with Think Plastic Brazil participants and a face-to-face meeting at the National Plastic Institute’s headquarters, for voting and adjustments, the export program and its associates defined the primary and secondary target markets for action in the next biennium. The actions were divided into four thematic axes: agrobusiness, packaging, household goods and civil construction.

As primary markets, South Africa and Kenya were selected, especially for the potential of agrobusiness, home and construction. The United States and Mexico complete the selected ones in North America, showing possibilities to receive the Brazilian products in almost all the defined axes. In South America, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru follow. And in Asia, the work begun in the Arab Emirates with the theme of Civil Construction will be continued.

In addition to these, other secondary markets were selected: Costa Rica, Canada and Spain. Special markets (such as Germany and Spain) can also receive activities when they are a hub for markets of interest.

Manager Group meets and directs activities for the next biennium

The Think Plastic Brazil Management Group met on February 1 to discuss project directions for the next biennium. “The goal of this committee is to monitor the execution of the projects that unfold internationalization strategies of Think Plastic Brazil in partnership with Apex-Brazil, as well as to make decisions to realign the plan,” said Carlos Moreira, project consultant for CHMCorpp. Miguel Bahiense, director of the project, also presented the new manager of Apex-Brasil, Paulo Roberto da Silva. We welcome and wish a great work to all.

Think Plastic Brazil companies focus on sustainability and diversity at International Home & Housewears Show

A special assembly was prepared to receive 35 companies at the International Home & Housewares Show, one of the major events in North America (influencing the three Americas), which brings together the most modern devices, with investments in design and diverse in innovations for home in Chicago (USA), from March 2-5. The space developed by Think Plastic Brazil to receive the Brazilian companies uses the assembly technique built on two distinct islands, thus guaranteeing an excellent visibility for all the companies and an attractiveness of the place.
The companies present will also have the benefit of participating in Global Design Point, a showcase of differentiated products selected by the fair itself, seeking to promote companies in a strategic way. Another successful action that will be repeated this year is the Retail Tour, a guided tour of retail spaces in Chicago, ensuring extensive research into trends, consumer habits, and point-of-sale traits.
This year, the traditional lectures held before the event have a special highlight: the presentation of the theme “Does Your House Have Life?”, promoted by the company named Casa com Vida, by members Ivana Portella, Stella Rangel and Micaela Góes, the latter recognized for her work in Brazil as hostess of the tv show Santa Ajuda, organized by spaces, broadcast by the cable TV channel GNT.

Actions promote Brazilian participation in ENVIRONMENT 2019

A total of 16 Brazilian companies will join, together with Think Plastic Brazil, the Environment 2019 ((Booth 12.1 B50), which takes place from February 8 to 12 in Frankfurt, Germany.) For the event, the export program carried out a series of activities and materials, which help in the visibility and attainment of results by the national companies.

One of the main pre-event activities is the Retail Tour, a survey conducted locally at retail locations in Frankfurt, looking for trends, consumption habits and possibilities of points-of-sale through the region, thus ensuring a renewal of knowledge and search for new business opportunities. The meeting is an innovative tool, in which project specialists accompany shop-to-shop entrepreneurs, highlighting each of the topics that deserve attention and interest at the points of sale.

The booklet is a publication that contains contact details and a product line of each of the companies present. It is the main ally of international buyers who wish to know the companies present. To download this file, click here.

For social networks and for the contact with the stakeholders, a dedicated communication was created, with the colors that refer to the event and use non-verbal language to pass on essential information for the companies’ participation. A series of posts and coverages will be carried out by such social networks as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin (@thinkplasticbrazil), as well as by Twitter (@thinkplasticbr). Follow them!

Circular and Plastic Economy

Shall we talk about a new way of producing and consuming? It is the transition from the traditional, linear economy to the circular economy, that is, a new economic model in which nothing is discarded and all elements of the production chain are reused in the manufacture of new products, reducing the extraction of raw materials from nature.

This is an important trend, connected to the life cycle analysis and management of the post-consumption phase, characterized by the closed flow of materials and energy through multiple phases. The 3R principle (reduction, reuse and recycling) is usually cited to define the directions of implementation of the circular economy. Choices must be sustainable, and instead of considering the end-of-pipe features of a single product, the entire life cycle must be taken into consideration when it comes to decisions that aim to really help achieve the purpose of circular economy.

An example of good practice in the development of a closed circuit model in the plastic processing industry is that of the European company DS Smith. The company’s closed-circuit recycling model allows the generated waste to be recovered and used in the company’s own production process. This is considered an important competitive advantage, which drives the development of transparent solutions and methods. As part of its efforts for the management of forests, the company invests in the recycling of plant fibers used in production involving paper and cardboard. All of its plants screen the generated waste, and lean and six sigma tools are used to ensure the lowest possible generation of waste in its production processes. The company also partners with clients to help them meet their recycling and waste management goals, such as the website Plastico Transforma (, which interviewed Beatriz Luz, founder of Exchange4Change Brasil. The expert points out in the video the importance, for example, of designing plastic packaging designed to increase recycling rates for reuse in companies, with a focus on sustainability. According to her, the path to circular economy is no longer an option, but a necessity, and each one can play its part in this process. Check out the full article here:

Event numbers in 2018

Ambiente 2018
09 of February of 2018 until 13 of February of 2018
Participation of 13 associated companies, 132 contacts made
Trades executed during the event: USD 224 thousand
Forecast for the next 12 months: USD 1.268 million



Projeto Comprador Think Plastic Brazil / ABUP
18 of February of 2018 until 19 of February of 2018
Participation of 51 associated companies, 262 contacts made
Trades executed during the event: USD 360 thousand
Forecast for the next 12 months: USD 2.405 million



Home & Housewares 2018
10 of March of 2018 until 13 of March of 2018
Participation of 32 associated companies, 575 contacts made
Trades executed during the event: USD 1.365 million
Forecast for the next 12 months: USD 5.08 million



Expo Pack México 2018
05 of June of 2018 until 08 of June of 2018
Participation of 19 associated companies, 480 contacts made
Trades executed during the event: USD 390 thousand
Forecast for the next 12 months: USD 7.14 million



Colombiaplast 2018
24 of September of 2018 until 28 of September of 2018
Participation of 18 associated companies, 367 contacts made
Trades executed during the event: USD 1.149 million
Forecast for the next 12 months: USD 6.72 million



Pack Expo Chicago 2018
14 of October of 2018 until 17 of October of 2018
Participation of 11 associated companies, 386 contacts made
Trades executed during the event: USD 960 thousand
Forecast for the next 12 months: USD 6.5 million



Midle East Trade Mission:
21 of November of 2018 until 28 of November of 2018

Participation of 8 associated companies, 99 contacts made
Trades executed during the event: USD 1 million
Forecast for the next 12 months: USD 3,73 millions

Brazil prepares for Ambiente and Home & Housewares 2019

Think Plastic Brazil will be present at the Ambiente 2019 and Home & Housewares 2019 events, which will be held on February 8-12 in Frankfurt, Germany and on March 2-5, in Chicago, United States, respectively.

Ambiente is where business and creativity come together – and where visitors connect with global brands in the segment – presenting the latest trends and promoting awards ceremonies, lectures and events with industry experts and famous designers. Ambiente is also an important center for the dissemination of special issues such as Contract Business, HoReCa and Ethical Style, as well as being the largest outsourcing platform outside Asia for high-volume businesses.

Home & Housewares is the 80-year-old voice of the home appliance industry, which accounted for $355.4 billion in global retail sales in 2016 ($87.1 billion in retail in the United States). It is the leading worldwide exhibition of household products and offers a wide range of services to its 1,700 exhibiting companies.

Think Plastic Brazil supports business development and provides support activities at Comex through partnering services.

  • On-demand information on international regulations, such as rates, trade agreements, preferential systems, etc.
  • Guidance on export financing.
  • Partnership with Customs – discounts of up to 35% in all courses for members, which may be even greater (consult us).
  • Partnership with the main companies of:
    • export credit insurance;
    • freight insurance;
    • freight forwarders;
    • customs brokers;
    • international risk assessment (10% discounts in international reports);
    • international transport of road freight with discounts of up to 30%, for loads up to 4,000 kg and for FULL loads under analysis;
    • courier, partnerships with UPS and FEDEX with discounts of up to 84% on shipments of samples, documents, and letters.

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Think Plastic Brazil’s social media profiles are up and running! Testimonials from entrepreneurs, trade show and event coverage and many, many photos complement the contents of the project on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (@ThinkPlasticBrazil). Follow us on social media, use the #ThinkPlasticBrazil hashtag and stay up-to-date with all our projects!