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Business Mission in Israel

nº126 – March 2019

The National Plastic Institute (INP) made an appearance in the Brazilian delegation of President Jair Bolsonaro in Israel, which took place on March 31 and resulted in five agreements and one memorandum of understanding. The national plastic representativeness was assured by Carlos Moreira, Think Plastic Brazil consultant, who also met with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Export and Investments) top management, to present results obtained with the program in the last 15 years. One of these meetings occurred with Dan Friedlander, Apex-Brasil industry and services export manager, who corroborated the entity support to the segment.

“Israel has proved to be a good market for civil construction companies, particularly for the reinforcement needed for buildings against earthquakes and other geographic events”, explained Carlos Moreira.

Luciano Almeida, from Splack, specialized in packaging products to the pharmaceutical sector, followed the group of businessmen in the travel and identified opportunities: “We are here invited by Apex-Brasil and Think Plastic Brazil program and seek to identify opportunities not only market opportunities to the company, but collaborations that can bring advantages to Brazil as well”, he said in a statement video to Think Plastic Brazil Program.

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Business rounds promote global market in the program SUPER BUSINESS AGENDA at FEIPLASTIC 2019

FEIPLASTIC, INP and Apex-Brasil (through Think Plastic Brazil) performed one of the largest initiatives to foment exportation already seen in an event turned to the plastic industry

The 2019 edition of FEIPLASTIC (International Plastic Fair) will have even more world scope with the partnership between the event and Think Plastic Brazil, made by INP (National Plastic Institute) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exportations and Investments). The partners will promote, along with the International Business Round, one of the actions of #SuperAgendadeNegóciosFeiplastic program, which will gather international buyers from the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America countries, with focus on products/solutions presented by the fair exhibitors and participants of Think Plastic Brazil, on April 23, from 11 am to 08 pm, in an exclusive space at Expo Center Norte. The buyers invited were selected by Think Plastic Brazil and FEIPLASTIC team.

“With the judicious analysis of buyers’ profiles and details of products of companies and their capacities, we could obtain the maximum results in the short time of the event”, explains Patricia Oliveira, FEIPLASTIC Product Manager.

“With 15 years of experience in the international market of transformed plastic, Think Plastic Brazil counts on a vast knowledge and selected mailing of the main buyers worldwide, thus further contributing to the expansion of the already acknowledged success of FEIPLASTIC in Brazil and in the world”, says Cristina Sacramento, expert in market development at Think Plastic Brazil.

Registrations and information on the participation can be obtained at the address

Euromonitor and Câmara Árabe present surveys for Civil Construction and Housewares

Two important surveys were presented to Think Plastic Brazil participants: Euromonitor International survey, coordinated by Apex-Brasil, about civil construction in Argentina and the survey data from Câmara Árabe Brasileira on housewares in the Middle East, part of the Prospective Mission held in the region in 2018. The exclusive materials for participants in Think Plastic Brazil bring more details of markets, facilitating important decisions by entrepreneurs who want to invest in these regions.

Check some of these numbers presented in the economic editorial of our newsletter.

Entrepreneurs approve participation in the International Home & Housewares Show 2019

With changes in the structure and assembly of the International Home & Housewares Show 2019, entrepreneurs from Think Plastic Brazil noticed higher flow of qualified buyers and approved the event in statements that were published on Think Plastic Brazil Facebook page.

The participation of 34 Brazilian companies from Think Plastic Brazil in the event generated approximately USD1.3 million in business results, with expectation of more USD5.6 in the next 12 months! Congratulations to the team, associates, and thanks to buyers and visitors who made of this event a success.

Environmental Education

*published on LinkedIn by Miguel Bahiense

Only the environmental education can lead to the transformation of our behavior and the correct environmental view on plastic. Many people attempt to make of plastic a villain. These efforts should be channeled to education processes, which are productive and rational. The problem exists and we don’t want to see plastic in the environment, we are part of the solution.

However, much of the news is sensationalist and makes society players start to “hate” plastic. But it is not the number 1 villain in the planet. Let’s talk seriously. Who asks why it is there? Who looks at himself and notices that he could have avoided its presence in streets and beaches, only by discarding it properly? Who considers that investment should be made in selective collection, recycling, redesign, or any other process to avoid losing plastic to the environment?

And what about investing energy to educate? Nobody thinks about it. Vilifying is easy, makes plastic accountable and hides our responsibility. The sensationalism of the speech does not contribute to the understanding, education and involvement of players in the solutions. It teaches us to “hate” plastic, takes out the clarity of our responsibility, gives us the right to judge plastic and takes from us the duty to review our attitudes.

Brazil Scenario Review

January 11, 2019


Brazil Scenario Review

Gradual resumption of activity with a fiscal improvement perspective

  • We expect declining primary deficits of 1.7% of GDP in 2018, 1.3% in 2019 and 0.8% in 2020. This scenario is strictly dependent on the approval of a Welfare Reform that we hope will impact in terms similar to the version that was processed in Congress, in the last two years.
  • We projected a GDP growth of 2.5% in 2019 and 3.0% in 2020.
  • We maintained our projection of the exchange rate at 3.90 reais per dollar, at the end of 2019 and 2020.
  • We maintained inflation projections at 3.9% for this year and 4.0% for 2020.
  • We expect the Selic rate to remain stable throughout 2019, but the Copom should maintain its flexibility to react to any persistent deviations.

Source: Brazil Scenario Reproduction, Itaú BBA, January 11, 2019

Program defines target markets for the next biennium

After an extensive research conducted by Apex-Brasil with Think Plastic Brazil participants and a face-to-face meeting at the National Plastic Institute’s headquarters, for voting and adjustments, the export program and its associates defined the primary and secondary target markets for action in the next biennium. The actions were divided into four thematic axes: agrobusiness, packaging, household goods and civil construction.

As primary markets, South Africa and Kenya were selected, especially for the potential of agrobusiness, home and construction. The United States and Mexico complete the selected ones in North America, showing possibilities to receive the Brazilian products in almost all the defined axes. In South America, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru follow. And in Asia, the work begun in the Arab Emirates with the theme of Civil Construction will be continued.

In addition to these, other secondary markets were selected: Costa Rica, Canada and Spain. Special markets (such as Germany and Spain) can also receive activities when they are a hub for markets of interest.

Manager Group meets and directs activities for the next biennium

The Think Plastic Brazil Management Group met on February 1 to discuss project directions for the next biennium. “The goal of this committee is to monitor the execution of the projects that unfold internationalization strategies of Think Plastic Brazil in partnership with Apex-Brazil, as well as to make decisions to realign the plan,” said Carlos Moreira, project consultant for CHMCorpp. Miguel Bahiense, director of the project, also presented the new manager of Apex-Brasil, Paulo Roberto da Silva. We welcome and wish a great work to all.

Think Plastic Brazil companies focus on sustainability and diversity at International Home & Housewears Show

A special assembly was prepared to receive 35 companies at the International Home & Housewares Show, one of the major events in North America (influencing the three Americas), which brings together the most modern devices, with investments in design and diverse in innovations for home in Chicago (USA), from March 2-5. The space developed by Think Plastic Brazil to receive the Brazilian companies uses the assembly technique built on two distinct islands, thus guaranteeing an excellent visibility for all the companies and an attractiveness of the place.
The companies present will also have the benefit of participating in Global Design Point, a showcase of differentiated products selected by the fair itself, seeking to promote companies in a strategic way. Another successful action that will be repeated this year is the Retail Tour, a guided tour of retail spaces in Chicago, ensuring extensive research into trends, consumer habits, and point-of-sale traits.
This year, the traditional lectures held before the event have a special highlight: the presentation of the theme “Does Your House Have Life?”, promoted by the company named Casa com Vida, by members Ivana Portella, Stella Rangel and Micaela Góes, the latter recognized for her work in Brazil as hostess of the tv show Santa Ajuda, organized by spaces, broadcast by the cable TV channel GNT.