Companies participating in Think Plastic Brazil approved for Casa Brasil in Israel and Casa Brasil in London

Think Plastic Brazil

With an increasing investment in design, color trends, sustainability, and innovation, the participating companies of Think Plastic Brazil are conquering spaces in the main international events, including Casa Brasil actions around the world. With the pioneering spirit of the companies that participated in the Casa Brasil event in New York (which took place in May), other companies in the project have been approved for Casa Brasil in London (August 25 to September 2) and Casa Brasil in Israel (September 4-9) actions.


Learn more about of the products of the participating companies of Think Plastic Brazil that will be exhibited at the events:


Brazil House in London

<OU> Martiplast

Self-watering planters

With self-watering planters, you can have an indoor garden and bring the vitality of nature into your home. The line is the perfect solution for planting vegetable gardens, kitchen vegetables and decorative gardens indoors, allowing them to stay always hydrated, without having to water them personally. These products are easy to assemble, ensuring hassle-free cultivation.




Kitchen & Meat – Premium kitchen and food knives

Stag Horn – Premium knives with deer horn handles


Metal – High-quality stainless steel or aluminum

Wood – Certified Imbuia wood, one of the noblest trees native to southern Brazil

Deer horn – Certified Argentinian deer horn, one of the best handle materials

Leather – Premium South American leather, hand cut and stitched





The Smart S dish rack was designed to make your sink even more beautiful. It is fully transparent and highly resistant and gets even bigger with its mobile base. It was awarded by Brasil Design Award.




Tigre Painting Tools offers the best products to serve the art, education and real estate markets.



A complete system of gutters for capturing and transporting rainwater.



A System of pipes and fittings for hot water.



Bali Renova Therpol Denim Pot – 35×40 cm / 45×55 cm / 58×80 cm

What if your used jeans could be turned into a potted plant? With an eye on the sustainability of our planet, Vasart has developed alongside its partners the Renova collection, a collection of circular pots, made with Therpol biotechnology and denim fabric fibers combined with polyethylene.