Contact: Fabio Annes Durate
Address: Rua Emilio Fonini, 691
Bairro / Cidade / UF: – Caxias do Sul/ RS
ZIP Code: 95012-617
Phone: (54) 3028-6161


Crippa is a solid company with more than 60 years, focused on the development and innovation of products, among them, domestic utilities. Focusing on Design, Quality and Finishing, Crippa products are more robust, colorful and attractive.

Their commitment to quality is also in the efficient use of materials and energy, have their own recycling sector, the area responsible for recycling 100% of waste material from the injection operations.
With a constant investment in P & D (research and development), the company has been standing out in the national market for the strong appeal in Design and innovative products, these have, among their most diverse characteristics, the differential of aggregating beauty, meaning and multifunctionality in everything that creates.
Because they believe deeply in Brazil, they value the creations here. Based on the label “Created in Brazil” (printed on all its products and packaging), its products have creativity and inspiration in everything that is Brazilian.