Contact: Gabriel Leal
Address: Av. Charles Goodyear, 460
Bairro / Cidade / UF: – Santana de Parnaíba/ SP
ZIP Code: 06524-115
Phone: +55 (11) 4155-9000


Founded in 1964 Geraldiscos is a manufacturer of Induction Seals Liner (one and two pieces). Our range of products gives us the ability to attend the most varied application of the global market segments like food, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, beverage, cosmetics, cleaning and automotive. With high level of quality and support Geraldiscos stands out for the quality of its products and sustainability. MISSION: Offer innovative products and services that promote the safety and integrity of our customers’ products and the trust of their consumers, contributing to quality of life, social and environmental responsibility.




Seals, Liners and PE Foam