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Phone: 55 (11) 2673-1038

With quality and design in line with national and international market trends. With this philosophy, we competently produce a complete line of plastic housewares; toolboxes, bookcases, drawers, containers, organizing boxes, glasses, pots for food and promotional items.

We currently produce with a wide range of products in the entire line of plastic utilities, organization and the food / promotional sector. Constantly seeking renovation of products in colors, prints, models. Aiming at the latest market trends and practicality on a daily basis for our customers.

Investments in the development of new products and in state-of-the-art machinery and automation are constant, always looking for materials that contribute to the preservation of the environment.

With this, we have earned the respect and trust of consumers for São Bernardo’s products, both domestically and abroad.

Currently the plastic utensils manufactured by the company can be found in several countries, from neighboring Argentina to distant Australia, and always with success. This success is the result of five decades of experience and the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes of São Bernardo, a family company founded in 1959 and that originally manufactured tools and parts made of steel, such as shelves and shelves.

Today it has a modern industrial unit in the city of Itaquaquecetuba – SP, with ISO 9001 certification.



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