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It was the year of 1987, when in the city of Rio do Sul, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, a Family enterprise was raised by the union of the Stolf Brothers Sigmar and Docio, along with their uncle, Ledio J. Stolf. The company Artefatos de Madeiras Stolf was born, initially to the production of straw chairs.


Taking advantage of the experience from the Stolf Family in wood extraction and processing, the company dedicated itself to the Market of kitchen utensils and quickly converted the factory to the proper production of it.


30 years have been passed since the start of this enterprise and its current position, where it is recognized internationally by it’s standard of excellence and design maturity found in its products.


STOLF 30 Years – Pearl Jubilee


The celebration of STOLF’s 30 years jubilee is filled with innovation, bringing new lines of products. We also celebrate the reaffirmation of our compromise with excellence in all the processes, products and commercial relationships. STOLF is grateful for the path taken and for the achievements, for the trust of its clients and partners, to the same extent we announce that a lot more practicality, beauty and good taste are coming.


Stolf – Utility and Beauty for your home.



True responsibility


Aware of its role as a citizen supporting company and facing the urgency for sustainability, STOLF keeps investing on the reposition of seedlings for pine, eucalyptus and teak trees, which are the main feedstock of its products. Under this light, performs its activities trying at its best to generate minimal impact on the environment, respecting its region’s characteristics and its relationship with the community on the surroundings.



Utensílios Domésticos