UZ Utilidades


Fábio Anschau

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Vívian Rockenbach

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Rua da Emancipação, número 2000, Bairro Industrial Cep: 95775-000 Tupandi, RS Brasil

Facebook: @UZUtilidades

Instagram: @uzutilidades_oficial

Youtube: @UZUtilidades



Acrílicos – Acrylics – Acrílicos,

Mesa – Tableware – Mesa,

Cozinha – Kitchenware – Cocina,

Organização Lar e Escritório – Home and Office Organization – Organización Hogar-Oficina, Banheiro – Bathware – Baño


“Group K1: Vocation to Innovate

We are Group K1, the largest in the furniture industry in Latin America, and our goal is to make everyone live in their dream home with our products. To do this, we take furniture, mattresses and houseware from different brands to our consumers.

We invest in state-of-the-art machinery and training for our staff. In addition, we are certified on the use of renewable energy from a clean source, which does not harm the environment.

K1 is a Brazilian group that continuous to grow with pride and dedication. We take national products to homes around the world, showing the Brazilian value.

Exporting for over 35 countries

More than 200 thousand m² of manufacturing area, equivalent to 28 soccer fields

45 thousand points of sale in Brazil


UZ UTILIDADES: Use more color. Use more Brazil.

UZ Utilidades wants to take color, beauty and functionality to Brazilian families. Each line was designed to fit the day to day of homes. Our diversity of colors, shapes and uses is the face of Brazil.

Inventory with 150 thousand products ready for delivery.

Annual production capacity of one million eight hundred thousand products

Catalog with more than 1,000 SKUs

Present in more than 25 thousand points of sale”