Get to know Valgroup

Think Plastic Brazil

Valgroup’s history is based on the principles of sustainable economic development. For this reason, it has made commitments to the environment and society, acting in an ethical and transparent manner.

The company has a strong ESG positioning, with the environmental goal of being NET ZERO by 2040, neutralizing carbon emissions and recycling the equivalent to 100% of the amount of packaging produced, effectively contributing to the circular economy by removing plastic waste from the environment.

With regard to social issues, Valgroup aims to contribute to the eradication of hunger, to support education for vulnerable children and young people, to act in favor of respect for human rights, and to encourage diversity and inclusion through the fair offer of opportunities.

In governance, in addition to acting in an ethical and transparent manner, the company also aims to meet international Corporate Governance standards and implement a strong global Ethics and Compliance program.

All this, coupled with the purpose of increasingly raising quality of life through the development of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, optimizing resources and supporting the circular economy for plastics.