Neoplastic makes donations of plastic bags for basic food baskets

Think Plastic Brazil

Neoplastic had the honor of participating in a project with the donation of 10,000 plastic bags for the making of basic food baskets that were delivered in Vale do Ribeira, Pontal and Bauru to meet the needs of families in need affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project arose because of the difficulty that already existed, but that has now become even more critical in some segments of the population – the lack of food at many homes.
An agreement was made between ITESP (Land Institute for the State of São Paulo) and the Secretariat of Justice, for the purchase of food from family agriculture and donation to needy communities. The food baskets will have deliveries scheduled for a period of 3 months, but this will be accompanied, as it is not known until when we will have to live with this pandemic.

The composition of these baskets of 20kgs, with 12 items, includes the mandatory: rice, beans, oil and sugar, and the other items will come from family farmers, including manioc flour, vegetables and some fruits, taking into account the shelf life of the products offered.