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Braskem, in a partnership with Tampinha Legal (nice cap) program, and Martiplast, launched the Cultivar line, from brand, which counts on pots made from recycled plastic, thus demonstrating the whole chain capacity to work in favor of circular economy, adding functionality, beauty and design to the final product. The project, which closes the plastic caps’ consumption cycle and counts on the engagement of all links in this process, is already available in the market.
‘Tampinha Legal’ program starts the Project with the logistics of plastic caps use in bottles and destining them to recycling. The already separated material passes by the recycler, which streamlines its return to the production chain as raw material, reaching the transformer that produces the pot. The final product, traded by brand, follows the motto “Recycle your ideas. Your attitude makes the difference!”.
According to Tampinha Legal coordinator Simara Souza, the program proposes actions to change mass behavior intended to encourage correct destination of plastic materials. “With this partnership, we can observe circular economy in practice. We want people to see the wonders we can create with the caps and understand the relevance of their attitudes of making plastics return to the industry, a benefit for all”, she says.
Fabiana Quiroga, Braskem’s Circular Economy and Recycling director, explains that the company seeks to encourage the sustainable cycle of plastic products by means of partnerships like this one, uniting industry, brand owners and society in favor of the structuring of the recycling chain as a whole. “We are very pleased with this launching, we support Tampinha Legal for some years and is an old Braskem’s partner. The pots made from recycled material demonstrate the plastic waste value when correctly discarded, making possible its return to the production cycle. The partnership reaffirms our belief that change requires participation of all”, she states.
According to Vinicius Martini, brand Product Head, circular economy is the answer to a world that demands a more conscious consumption, and the transformation industry must be positioned as protagonist in this process. Besides, he observes that the partnership seeks to strengthen Tampinha Legal and support its educational and socio-environmental aspect, helping charity organizations and shaping a correct culture in terms of plastic potential. “Our brand seeks to transform the life of people by delivering products with color, beauty and design. Showing that it is possible with recycled material from such a noble program as Tampinha Legal makes us believe, more and more, in positively impacting the lives of our consumers”, he adds.
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About Tampinha Legal
Tampinha Legal is the largest socio-environmental program with educational character in the Latin American plastic transformation industry. An initiative by SustenPlást Institute, it seeks to improve the market appreciation of the material. It will soon reach R$ 500 thousand (five hundred thousand reais) destined to participating charity organizations. These amounts come from the material recycling. It has recently launched the actions Copinho Legal and Canudinho Legal (Nice Cup and Nice Straw), which, following Tampinha Legal model, allocates the resources obtained with the sale of plastic cups and straws to charity entities registered in the program. In addition to the site, one can also follow Tampinha Legal works on social networks like YouTube and Facebook.