SPILTAG overcomes pandemic challenges and exports to the USA

Think Plastic Brazil

A partnership with Pharmachem S.A., located in Mexico City, initiated during the company’s first participation in Expo Pack Mexico (supported by Think Plastic Brazil), allowed Spiltag to send a complete project to a new customer in the United States. The company sold bottles, caps and screen-printing services to the country, in addition to packaging with Go Green P-Life, a biodegradable additive that reduces the time of degradation in the environment.
“Our reaction time used to forecast what the market would need enabled us to meet the customer’s needs in a quick and complete manner. Moreover, we have our portfolio diversity for bottles and a variety of services that add value to products, such as screen printing, hot stamping, texturing etc. In this case, the project consisted of flasks of varying volumetries, lids, addition of Go Green P-Life (additive Oxy-biodegradable) and serigraphy service in all lines”, explains Kátia Souza, Export Business Head at the company.
The company reinforces that the work was the result of a sum of efforts, commitment and dedication. The export department’s successful path took its first steps in 2016. With the support of CEO Luiz Gustavo Spila, commercial manager Patrícia Rodrigues was able to start the project with the help of analyst Katia Souza, by participating in fairs, courses and events promoted by Think Plastic Brazil.
“The American market is a target for the export department, but we have not yet turned our strategies and efforts towards it. Yet, the execution of this project was agile and this is because, in addition to the efforts of the export department, we had the involvement of all areas at the company in this project”, added Souza.