Technology and Innovation in the first virtual issue of the Think Plastic Brazil Buyer Project

Think Plastic Brazil

A modern system including “matches” between Think Plastic Brazil Household Utilities, Toys and Civil Construction and international buyers specifically interested in the products of each one of them. Think Plastic Brazil starts the 56th issue of the Buyer Project (November 9 to 13, 2020) with a fully digital system developed by Broggini Partners. “Our online B2B Matchmaking platform allows high-level B2B events, such as domestic or foreign business rounds, to be held safely and 100% in digital form”, Gabriel Broggini, the company incorporator, explains.
to ensure a proper tool to the participants in Think Plastic Brazil, it was personalized according to the guidance given by Carlos Moreira (Think Plastic Brazil Project Planning and Strategy) and Daniela Ornelas (Market Specialist for Toys, Civil Construction and Household Utilities).
“The tool was completely restructured to meet the demands of our companies, ensuring in order of importance: the safety and privacy of transaction data; the correct matching between buyers and sellers and the proper presentation of the companies’ products” Carlos Moreira says.
“All buyer capturing work and meeting with the companies is performed at no cost to the participants in the Sectoral Project, thus ensuring best results also to international buyers”, Daniela Ornelas mentioned.
Virtual Round
Brazilian Manufacturers of Domestic Utilities,
Civil Construction and Toys
Virtual round advantages:

– Matchmaking scheduled according to buyer profile
– Schedule flexibility
– Safety of the virtual meeting and companies linked to the government entity
– Product Variety