The plastic industry award

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A recipient of four awards, L&L Destak Embalagens, a flexible packaging company, highlighted the significance that the awards promoted at the 2nd World Plastic Connection Summit have for the industry.

According to Eliana Andrade de Souza, Director of the company, the awards encourage plastics companies to specialize and seek excellence in their business. “L&L Destak feels honored and recognized for the excellence of its product, its processes, its management, and its actions in the domestic and international market,” she noted.


Eliana Andrade de Souza, Director of L&L Destak.

The company won the Certification Award, the Commercial Promotion Award, the Development Award, and the Business Case Award.

Andrade, however, believes that the work and dedication of everyone involved in the company to make and deliver the product in an excellent way are the differentiators of L&L Destak as a business. “For this reason, we understand that winning the awards is a consequence of this collective effort.”

In addition to L&L Destak Embalagens, Nova A3 was also awarded. The company won first place in the World Plastic Business Case Award. Another awarded company was Termolar S.A., a leading company in the production of thermoses.

Termolar S.A. was one of the highlights for the number of awards it received, namely:

  • 1st World Plastic Design Award;
  • 1st World Plastic Development Award;
  • 2nd World Plastic Commercial Promotion Investments Award;
  • 3rd World Plastic Business Case Award.

In this sense, Elias Kerpen, Export Manager at Termolar S.A., commented: “It is extremely gratifying to see our customers, from different parts of the world, sending messages and calls congratulating us and recognizing our efforts.”

That is because, according to Kerpen, they also have a share in the awards received by the company. “This reflects the greatness of the actions that start here on Brazilian soil and have a highly positive impact for our company, for the TPB program, for Apex, and for the country.”


Elias Kerpen, Export Manager at Termolar S.A.

Expectations for the next edition of the event

Although there is some time to go until the next edition of the World Plastic Connection Summit, participating companies have high expectations for the event to be held in 2023.

The director of L&L Destak stresses: “I have high expectations, especially for the competition for awards, which will be open to other companies, in addition to the partners.”

Moreover, other opportunities for invited buyers and lectures on relevant topics, including the trends identified by the INPI are part of the director’s expectations. Kerpen, who is Termolar’s Export Manager, also shares the same level of expectation.

According to him, it will be exciting “to see our entire plastics export industry together, with great prosperity in business and, who knows, to continue to win more awards like this year.”