Valgroup: over 45 years on the market

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For over 45 years in the market, Valgroup has become one of the largest producers, transformers, and recyclers of plastic packaging. Valgroup’s purpose is to improve people’s quality of life through the development of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, optimizing resources and supporting the circular economy for plastics.

Since its foundation, Valgroup has been concerned about developing recyclable solutions, encouraging this habit, and taking on its own recycling fronts. One example worth highlighting is Valgroup’s pioneering role in the implementation of bottle-to-bottle technology in Brazil, as the first company to obtain a ANVISA homologation for the use of PET PCR resin for direct contact with food.

In the last year, Valgroup has acquired another plant specialized in the manufacture of rPET (recycled PET resin) in Italy, in addition to those it already has in operation in Duque de Caxias (RJ), Ipojuca (PE), Nova Iguaçu (RJ), Poços de Caldas (MG), Mexico and Spain. For the recycling of flexible materials, Valgroup operates in Manaus (AM) and Itanhandu (MG), recovering post-industrial trimmings directly from their production, in addition to Deink, a Valgroup investee company, which owns the exclusive technology of de-inking, a delamination and demetalization technology that allows the reutilization of the laminated packaging and the use of its resin as a raw material for several industries.

This performance is directly linked to Valgroup’s commitment, which holds a solid ESG positioning and works to deliver more and more technological and sustainable solutions in all its product lines.

“The industry plays a key role in the plastics recycling initiative, contributing to the conservation of natural resources, reduction of waste and pollution, energy efficiency, social responsibility and stimulating innovation. For this reason, we have established commitments with the environment and society, acting in an ethical and transparent manner. Innovation with disruptive technologies in recycling is part of a journey that began many years ago with a company that has always had sustainability in its DNA.” – reinforces Eduardo Berkovitz, Director of Corporate Relations and Compliance at Valgroup.