30th Think Plastic Together to make previous webinars available

Think Plastic Brazil

Since April 1, 2020, a series of webinars, referred to as Think Plastic Together, discussed the most relevant topics for the sector since the start of the Covid-19 pandemics. After 29 issues, the tool – created as an tool to help the market for transformed plastic at this odd pandemic time – will be recreated in a more unique format, only dedicated to participants in Think Plastic Brazil. To mark this moment, 30th issue of the event will take place November 9, when all previous webinars are made available at no cost for 20 days for non-partners through VIMEO platform. After this time, the content will only remain available to participants in Think Plastic Brazil, with a password.
The workshops considered topics regarding the new configuration of global trade, since the need to enter the e-commerce universe, covering economic/accounting topics, and new virtual relationship configurations. They will be made available according to the categories: Commercial Promotion & Image; Corporate Development in Internationalization and Innovation,, Design and Sustainability for internationalization). The full list of webinars and the application form are available at: http://vpo.com.br/IThink_Plastic_Together
About Think Plastic Together
Think Plastic Together was one of the actions coordinated by the Think Plastic Brazil Crisis Management Work Group (the Crisis WG), put together and managed by Carlos Moreira – in charge of the Strategies and Planning of the Projects in the Internationalization Program in order to assess the moment and note post-COVID-19 needs and trends. The action of the Crisis WG is based on a new market survey conducted with the industries in the transformed plastic sector to follow up the economic and productive situation, showing a direction to the companies. These consolidated indicators, when compared with industry indicators, allow for reflection on the decisions to be made.