Authored by Jum Nakao, Color Trend 2024 highlights color trends in plastics for Housewares, Construction and Packaging

Plastics Sector

Think Plastic Brazil

One of the main highlights of the Summit will be the launch of the International Color Trend Guide (Color Trend 2024), created to serve industry professionals in Brazil and worldwide, which this year has the signature of renowned artist, creative director and product designer Jum Nakao. The International Color Trends Guide will be presented during the 3rd World Plastic Connection Summit, at Blue Tree Premium Alphaville, in São Paulo, on August 21-24, 2023

Recognized as one of Brazil’s most talented designers, Jum Nakao designs furniture, clothes, and spaces; directs films, events, and spectacles; and holds lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and shows, across Brazil and abroad. He is a featured name in the most important publications on Fashion and Design in the world, and his work is part of international collections of Museums of Art and Fashion.

His studio, created in 1997, produced works for major national and international brands such as Nike, TV Globo, and Zoomp. With striking aesthetics and provocative concepts, Jum seeks to bring a unique and innovative approach that questions the ephemerality of trends and the superficiality of the art and fashion industry. His plays and performances are a powerful artistic expression that challenges and instigates the public to rethink their own relationship with consumption and raise awareness of sustainability.

 Nakao’s most iconic work, A Costura do Invisível (“Sowing the Invisible”), presented during the São Paulo Fashion Week in 2004, gained worldwide recognition by presenting a collection of clothes made of paper that were ripped live during a fashion show, revealing the ephemeral, imperfect beauty of the creative process.

Ahead of the Color Trend 2024 project, he aimed to promote Brazil among Color and Design Trendsetters. By taking advantage of the differentiators of luminosity and the state of mind of the Brazilians, Jum developed ideas that could be applied throughout the converted plastics industry starting next year.

“Plastic has the role of coloring and lighting up the world – and Brazil is the place where people most use light and colors as a reference. This is very much in our favor, and it is in this sense that I intend to add and collaborate with this project,” noted Jum Nakao.

The methodology for preparing the guide involved the market for converted plastics. Interviews were carried out with Brazilian companies that participate in the Think Plastic Brazil program, including Masterbatch manufacturers (which develop the pigments that will be used in the manufacture of the converted plastic), such as the project’s supporters Colorfix and Engeflex.

According to Carlos Moreira, Strategy and Project Planning Manager at Think Plastic Brazil, Color Trend is a great showcase for the Brazilian converted plastics industry. “Each edition draws more and more attention from the international public. We believe that, based on that, we can consolidate Brazil’s position as a color trendsetter for the world. Our unique lifestyle, which combines a rich ecosystem with a unique cultural diversity, places our country in a prominent position on the world design scene,” he said.