Colors set by Alexandre Herchcovitch should guide Brazilian houseware releases in the U.S.

International Fair

Think Plastic Brazil

Twenty-eight Brazilian companies participating in the Think Plastic Brazil export portfolio will be occupying three booths at The Inspired Home Show Chicago, on March 4-7, following trends highlighted by the designer in Color Trend 2023


Fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch during the launch of Color Trend 2023

The 28 companies specializing in converted plastic products for Housewares that will present their products at The Inspired Home Show fair (#TIHS2023 Chicago, March 4-7, 2023) will bring highlights that include products created in the color chart defined by the Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch for the industry, betting on trends as a strategy to include Brazil among the world’s main manufacturing hubs for products of this kind. The industries are supported by Think Plastic Brazil, Portfolio of Solutions for the Export and Internationalization of Brazilian Converted Plastics), created by INP (Brazilian Plastics Institute) in partnership with ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

“The Color Trend produced by Think Plastic Brazil and signed by Alexandre Herchcovitch places the country at the forefront of international trends, guiding new releases according to a color chart that features the Brazilian spirit to increase the interest of international markets in our product,” said Carlos Moreira, Strategy and Project Planning Manager.

The Brazilian companies will be divided between the North (N7341 and N7140) and South (S1641) pavilions. They are: Alklin, Alumínio Oliveira, Arthi, Crippa, Floridis, Indústria Bandeirante, Jaguar Plásticos, Kos, Lolly, Martiplast, Maxeb, Metaltru, Nitronplast, Plasnew, Plasútil, Plasvale, Poly Play, Sanremo, Santa Maria, São Bernardo, Simonaggio, Soprano, Termolar, Tiba – Igaratiba, UZ Utilidades, Vasap Design, Vasart, and Vouga Indústria e Comércio.

“Dividing the companies between the two pavilions at the event is a necessary innovation to meet the peculiarities of each of our companies, getting closer to the international buyers of each specific product. We hope that this new format will bring even more good business to the industries,” explained Daniela Ornelas, specialist at Think Plastic Brazil.

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Color Trend 2023 by Alexandre Herchcovitch

The second edition of the International Color Trends Guide, Color Trends 2023 by Alexandre Herchcovitch, presents the shades set by the fashion designer as the keys for the year 2023. The book was distributed to member companies during the World Plastic Connection Summit, the most important Brazilian meeting of converted plastics companies, with an emphasis on the international market, whose next edition will be taking place on August 21-24, in São Paulo, SP.

“The subscription to Color Trend 2023 for the converted plastics sector is a challenge, as well as being an experience that is in sync with my creative work in design. Brazil is known as a great place for colors – we see more colors because the sunlight gives a different tone to everything in the country,” noted Alexandre Herchcovitch.

Pieces by Brazilian companies exhibiting in the shades highlighted by Herchcovitch will be featured at The Inspired Home Show 2023, although these and other products were also on display at Ambiente 2023, one of the largest Housewares fairs, which took place on February 4-7 in Frankfurt, Germany. Check out some of the products on display below:

Trending Today

For the second time, Brazilian companies will be present at Trending Today, an exhibition of products and companies selected by the fair’s curators, based on the At Home Entertainment trend. The event is limited to 60 companies and is exclusive to buyers and the press, being scheduled to place on March 4 in an exclusive room for the event.

The approved companies were Martiplast <OU>, Plasútil, PolyPlay, Sanremo, Santa Maria, Vasap Design, and Vouga Decor. The event will be taking place on March 4, from 8 am to 10 am at the Grand Ballroom S100, South Building.

Retail Tour and Promenade

In addition to the exhibition at the fair, the member companies of Think Plastic Brazil are given a tour guide to key Housewares addresses in Chicago, enabling a market analysis known as the Retail Tour. They are also taken on a guided tour of the fair called the Promenade.

Pantone Colorwatch Display

In addition to the exhibition of the color trend from Brazil to the world, Brazilian companies were selected, for the first time in the history of the country’s participation in the event, to make up the Pantone Colorwatch Display, a display of pieces in colors defined as trends by the company in a decorated environment. The approved companies were Igaratiba, Plasútil, UZ Utilidades, Vasart, and Vouga Decor.

Global Design Point

Another Brazilian highlight at the international event is the participation, with three exhibitor modules, of the Global Design Point, an exhibition that invites member companies to travel around the world while they are in Chicago. These showcases are awarded to country-specific pavilions, offering an insight into emerging trends in various areas worldwide.